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IEP entry by {{{3}}} in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, {{{4}}}

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This template adds an external link to an entry in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy at iep.utm.edu. Note: This template should generally only be used in the External links sections of articles; it should not be used in citations, references or bibliography. Consider using {{citation}}, {{cite web}} or related templates for those purposes.


 | {{{1}}}
 | {{{2}}} 
 | {{{3}}}
 | {{{4}}}
  • {{{1}}}: the location of the entry at the IEP website. For example, the entry "Nietzsche's Moral and Political Philosophy", with the URL http://iep.utm.edu/nietzsche-moral-political/ , will be said to have a location of nietzsche-moral-political.
  • {{{2}}}: the title of the entry (defaults to the title of the Wikipedia page)
  • {{{3}}}: the author
  • {{{4}}}: the date the entry was last updated

Examples and usage[edit]

Suppose you want to add an external link to the IEP's article on Paul Feyerabend. The location of this entry at the IEP is at feyerabend, the title of the entry is "Paul Feyerabend", and the last update is June 1, 2009. The code

* {{IEP|feyerabend|Paul Feyerabend|June 1, 2009}}

will produce the link

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