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[[{{{1}}}]] ([[d:{{{2}}}#sitelinks-wikipedia|other languages]])

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This template is similar to {{ill}} and {{ill2}}, but for use in cases where you wish to link to multiple other languages, and it would be inconvenient to list them all. For instance, if the English Wikipedia has no article on redlink, but 6 other Wikipedias do, it's rather cumbersome to list all 6—redlink (de/es/fr/he/pt/ru/sv)—, and there are all sorts of potential problems with picking and choosing which languages to list. This template, therefore, allows you to link to Wikidata, where readers can choose from several languages.

This template takes three unnamed parameters:

  1. The linked article here
  2. The Wikidata item
  3. (Optional) Display text for the linked article here

So, for instance, {{ill-WD|Redlink (2013 film)|Q1|''Redlink''}} generates Redlink (other languages).

Like {{ill}}, if the redlinked article turns blue, the second half disappears. So {{ill-WD|redlink|Q1}} returns redlink (other languages), but {{ill-WD|red|Q1}} returns red.

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