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{{{name}}} (Italian Wine)
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An Italian wine is any wine produced in Italy.


This infobox can be added by copying and pasting the template shown below:

Note: Only "name" is required. All other attributes are optional.

{{Infobox Italian Wine
| name = 
| image =
| caption =
| type = 
| institution = 
| gazzetta = 
| yield = 
| maximum = 
| grapeABV = 
| wineABV = 
| origin = 
| extract =
| ingredients =
| comments = 
  • name – is the official denomination of the wine, as set by the Italian Ministero delle Politiche Agricole Alimentari e Forestali.
  • image – An image referring to the wine. Given in the form of "example.jpg" (don't specify any size, caption, etc. and don't prefix Image: on it).
  • caption – Caption for the above image.
  • type – is the official wine type (IGT, DOC, or DOCG).
  • institution – is the date when the decree was passed that officially instituted the wine denomination.
  • gazzetta – is the date when the denomination was published on the Italian Gazzetta Ufficiale.
  • yield – is how much grape (usually in quintal) is produced from a hectare of vineyard.
  • maximum – is the maximum yield for that grape.
  • grapeABV – is the normal alcohol by volume percentage for the initial grape.
  • wineABV – is the minimum alcohol by volume percentage for the final wine.
  • origin – is where production of this wine is allowed.
  • extract – is the minimum net dry extract from the wine.
  • ingredients – is where you can list which grape varieties must be used to produce the wine, and in which percentage.
  • comment – is any comment you might want to add.

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