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Type {{{type}}}
Format {{{format}}}
Owner(s) {{{owners}}}
Founder(s) {{{founder}}}
Publisher {{{publisher}}}
President {{{president}}}
Editor {{{editor}}}
Editor-in-chief {{{chiefeditor}}}
Deputy editor {{{depeditor}}}
Associate editor {{{assoceditor}}}
Managing editors {{{maneditor}}}
General manager {{{generalmanager}}}
News editor {{{newseditor}}}
Managing editor, design {{{managingeditordesign}}}
Campus editor {{{campuseditor}}}
Campus chief {{{campuschief}}}
Metro editor {{{metroeditor}}}
Metro chief {{{metrochief}}}
Opinion editor {{{opeditor}}}
Sports editor {{{sportseditor}}}
Photo editor {{{photoeditor}}}
Staff writers {{{staff}}}
Founded {{{foundation}}}
Political alignment {{{political}}}
Language {{{language}}}
Ceased publication {{{ceased publication}}}
Relaunched {{{relaunched}}}
Headquarters {{{headquarters}}}
Circulation {{{circulation}}} (as at {{{circulation_date}}})
Sister newspapers {{{sister newspapers}}}
OCLC number {{{oclc}}}
RNI [1]
Official website {{{website}}}
Free online archives {{{free}}}
Director of Interactive {{{dirinteractive}}}
Country {{{publishing_country}}}
City {{{publishing_city}}}
{{Infobox newspaper
| name                 = 
| logo                 = 
| image                = 
| caption              = 
| type                 = 
| format               = 
| owners               = 
| founder              = 
| publisher            = 
| president            = 
| editor               = 
| chiefeditor          = 
| depeditor            =
| assoceditor          = 
| maneditor            = 
| generalmanager       =
| newseditor           = 
| managingeditordesign = 
| campuseditor         = 
| campuschief          = 
| metroeditor          =
| metrochief           =
| opeditor             = 
| sportseditor         = 
| photoeditor          = 
| staff                = 
| foundation           = 
| political            = 
| language             = 
| ceased publication   = 
| relaunched           = 
| headquarters         = 
| circulation          = 
| circulation_date     = 
| sister newspapers    = 
| ISSN                 = 
| oclc                 = 
| RNI                  =
| website              = 
| free                 = 
| dirinteractive       = 
| publishing_country   =
| publishing_city      =


All parameters are optional. If no value is specified for the parameter, it will not be displayed.

  • name – name of the newspaper. If this is omitted (not just left blank), it will be inferred from the article title.
  • logo – image (logo or other) in format: [[Image:Logo.jpg|175px]]
  • image – image (front page or other) in format: [[Image:FrontPage.jpg|175px|border]]
    • caption – caption text to be displayed below image
  • type – frequency and type, i.e. Daily newspaper
  • format – page format, i.e. Broadsheet, Berliner, Tabloid, Compact
  • owners – name of the company, person or family which owns the newspaper
  • founder – name of the company or person who founded or directs the newspaper, if |owner= is not appropriate (for instance, in the case of some nonprofits)
  • publisher – name of Publisher
  • president – name of President
  • editor – name of Editor
  • chiefeditor – name of Editor-in-Chief
  • depeditor – name of Deputy Editor
  • assoceditor – name of Associate Editor
  • maneditor – name of Managing Editor
  • generalmanager – name of General Manager
  • newseditor – name of News Editor
  • managingeditordesign – name of Managing Editor, Design
  • campuseditor – name of Campus Editor
  • campuschief – name of Campus Chief
  • metroeditor – name of Metro Editor
  • metrochief – name of Metro Chief
  • opeditor – name of Opinion Editor
  • sportseditor – name of Sports Editor
  • photoeditor – name of Photo Editor
  • staff – names of Staff writers
  • foundation – date newspaper was founded. Use {{Start date}}
  • political – political leanings of the newspaper, eg. Centre-right
  • language – language used in the newspaper, usually omitted if English
  • ceased publication – date that a former newspaper ceased publication
  • relaunched – date that a newspaper was relauched
  • headquarters – location of the newspaper's headquarters
  • circulation – the newspaper circulation numbers
  • circulation_date – the date or period of the newspaper circulation numbers
  • sister newspapers – names of any sister newspapers
  • ISSN – the newspaper's ISSN, e.g. 1085-6706 (automatically linked to http://www.WorldCat.org via {{ISSN search link}}). Search here or here to find an ISSN
  • oclc – the newspaper's OCLC number, useful where an ISSN has not been allocated (automatically linked to http://www.WorldCat.org)
  • RNI – the Office of the Registrar of Newspapers for India number
  • website – the newspaper's website, use {{URL}}, i.e. {{URL|www.latimes.com}}
  • free – the newspaper's online free achives
  • dirinteractive – name of Director of Interactive


Example: Chicago Tribune

{{Infobox newspaper
| name           = Chicago Tribune
| logo           = [[File:Chicago Tribune Logo.svg|200px]] 
| image          = [[File:Chicagotribunejune162009.png|225px|border]] 
| caption        = The June 16, 2009, front page of<br />''The Chicago Tribune''
| type           = Daily [[newspaper]]
| format         = [[Broadsheet]]
| owners         = [[Tribune Company]] 
| founder        = [[James Kelly (journalist)|James Kelly]], John E. Wheeler and Joseph K. C. Forrest
| publisher      = Tony W. Hunter
| editor         = [[Gerould W. Kern]]<ref name="nytimes.com">[http://www.nytimes.com/2008/07/15/business/media/15paper.html?em&ex=1216267200&en=20d82df9d9607ec6&ei=5087%0A Article about resignation of Ann Marie Lipinski] in The New York Times</ref>
| assoceditor    = Joycelyn Winnecke
| maneditor      = Jane Hirt
| opeditor       = R. Bruce Dold
| sportseditor   = Tim Bannon
| foundation     = {{Start date|1847|06|10}}
| political      = [[Conservatism|Conservative]]
| language       = [[English language|English]]
| headquarters   = [[Tribune Tower]]<br />435 [[Michigan Avenue (Chicago)|North Michigan Avenue]]<br />Chicago, [[Illinois]] 60611<br />USA 
| circulation    = 425,370 daily<br />781,128 Sunday<ref>{{cite news|url=http://www.boston.com/business/technology/articles/2011/11/01/circulation_numbers_for_the_25_largest_newspapers/|work=The Boston Globe|title=Circulation numbers for the 25 largest newspapers|date=2010-10-25}}</ref>
| ISSN           = 1085-6706
| oclc           = 60639020
| website        = {{URL|http://www.chicagotribune.com}}
| dirinteractive = Bill Adee (VP for Digital Development and Operations, Tribune Media Group)


This templates generates an infobox to summarize information about a newspaper.

Template parameters
Parameter Description Type Default Status
Name name Name of the nwspaper. If left blank, it will be inferred from the article title. line empty optional
Logo logo Logo image link wiki-page-name empty optional
Image image Image link wiki-page-name empty optional
Caption caption Caption to be displayed below the image string empty optional
Type type Frequency and type, e.g. Daily newspaper line empty optional
Format format Page format, i.e. Broadsheet, Berliner, Tabloid, Compact line empty optional
Owner owners Name of the company, person or family which owns the newspaper string empty optional
Founder founder Name of the company or person who founded or directs the newspaper, if "owner" is not appropriate (for instance, in the case of some nonprofits) string empty optional
Publisher publisher Name of Publisher string empty optional
Editor editor Name of Editor string empty optional
President president Name of President string empty optional
Editor-in-Chief chiefeditor Name of Editor-in-Chief string empty optional
Deputy Editor depeditor Name of Deputy Editor string empty optional
Associate Editor assoceditor Name of Associate Editor string empty optional
Managing Editor maneditor Name of Managing Editor string empty optional
News Editor newseditor Name of News Editor string empty optional
Managing Editor managingeditordesign Name of Managing Editor, Design string empty optional
Campus Editor campuseditor Name of Campus Editor string empty optional
Campus Chief campuschief Name of Campus Chief string empty optional
Opinion Editor opeditor Name of Opinion Editor string empty optional
Sports Editor sportseditor Name of Sports Editor string empty optional
Photo Editor photoeditor Name of Photo Editor string empty optional
Staff writers staff Names of Staff writers string empty optional
Found date foundation Date newspaper was founded line empty optional
Political leanings political Political leanings of the newspaper, eg. Centre-right line empty optional
Language language Language used in the newspaper, usually omitted if English string empty optional
Publication cease ceased publication Date that a former newspaper ceased publication string empty optional
Relaunch relaunched Date that a newspaper was relauched string empty optional
Headquarters headquarters Location of the newspaper's headquarters line empty optional
Circulation numbers circulation The newspaper circulation numbers string empty optional
Sister newspaper(s) sister newspapers Names of any sister newspapers string empty optional
ISSN ISSN The newspaper's ISSN line empty optional
OCLC oclc The newspaper's OCLC line empty optional
Website website The newspaper's website string empty optional
Free archives free The newspaper's free online archives string empty optional
Director of Interactive dirinteractive Name of Director of Interactive string empty optional

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