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Infobox PLL team
League {{{league}}}
Founded {{{founded}}}
Home Arena {{{home_arena}}}
Based in {{{hometown}}}
Colors {{{team_colors}}}
Head Coach {{{head_coach}}}
General Manager {{{general_manager}}}
Website {{{website}}}
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This template is an infobox for teams in the National Lacrosse League.

You must enter fields exactly as shown below (ie: letter case matters!). Please follow the guidelines provided in parenthesis for best results:

Required Fields[edit]

The following fields are required.

  • league
  • founded
  • home_arena
  • hometown
  • team_colors
  • head_coach
  • general_manager
  • website

Optional fields[edit]

The following fields are optional.

  • team_name (default to the page name if not included)
  • bg_color
  • title_color
  • logo
  • logo_size
To set a custom size for the logo (defaults to 150px). Omit the "px" when adding the size
  • chrtitle
ie Owner
  • chairman
  • captain
  • media
  • champs
years of championships
  • division_champs
years of division championships
  • plpa
The Professional Lacrosse Players' Association representative
  • formerly
former names for this franchise - use <br> to separate, eg. "Washington Power<br>Pittsburgh CrosseFire<br>Baltimore Thunder"


Fields with a * must be present.

{{Infobox PLL team


{{Infobox PLL team
|team_name=Saskatchewan Slugs
|league=[[Professional Lacrosse League]]
|home_arena=[[Saskatoon Arena]]
|hometown=[[Saskatoon, Saskatchewan]]
|team_colors=Yellow, Olive green
|head_coach=[[Joe Blow]]
|general_manager=[[John Q. Public]]
|chrtitle= Owner
|chairman= [[Richie Rich (comics)|Richie Rich]]
|plpa=[[Joe Schmoe]]
|media=SLUGS TV, WSLG-AM, ''[[Saskatoon StarPhoenix]]''
|website=[http://www.saskatchewanslugs.com/ www.saskatchewanslugs.com]
|formerly=Regina Rugrats

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