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Infobox aviation[edit]

{{Infobox aviation}} This infobox is used for the Lead image of aviation-related articles, and to provide a place for a title heading. It is designed to provide some visual compatibility with the {{Infobox aircraft}}, WPAIR's primary infobox. It is not used for aircraft types; for that, use {{Infobox aircraft}}. It is not used for dimensions or performance; for that, use {{Aircraft specifications}} It can also be used in any WP article as a Lead image box, as there is nothing aviation-specific about the output.

Only |name= is a required field. |image= is an optional setting, but this box should only be used if a picture is available. Caption is also optional, but should be descriptive, or not used.

{{Infobox aviation
| name    =
| image   = <!--in the ''image:filename'' format-->
| caption =


{{Infobox aviation
| name    = Helicopter
| image   =
| caption = A [[CHC Helicopter|Canadian Helicopters]] [[Bell 206]]

See also[edit]

  • {{Infobox image}} – A template which provides the same function as this one.