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Defunct tennis tournament
Event name {{{Event_name}}}
Tour {{{Tour}}}
Founded {{{Created}}}
Abolished {{{Ended}}}
Location {{{Location}}}
Venue {{{Venue}}}
Surface {{{Surface}}}
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{{Infobox defunct tennis tournament
| Name       = 
| Current    =
| Logo       = 
| Logo_size  = 
| Founded    =
| Ended      =
| Event_name =
| Location   =
| Venue      =
| Tour       =
| Surface    = 


The HTML markup produced by this template includes an hCalendar microformat, which makes the event details parsable by computers, either acting automatically to catalogue articles across Wikipedia, or via a browser tool operated by a person, to (for example) add the subject to a calendar or diary application. For more information about the use of microformats on Wikipedia, please see the microformat project.


Dates will only be included if you use {{start date}} or {{end date}} (use the former for single dates; but do not use any of these if the date is before 1583 CE).

URLs will only be included if you use {{URL}}.

Please do not remove instances of these sub-templates.


hCalendar uses HTML classes including:

  • attendee
  • contact
  • description
  • dtend
  • dtstart
  • location
  • organiser
  • summary
  • url
  • vevent

Please do not rename or remove these classes nor collapse nested elements which use them.