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This is an infobox for fictional locations. Please note the existence of {{Infobox fictional planet}}, which addresses the specific needs of planets, as well as {{Infobox fictional country}} for fictional countries.


source location
Creator creator
Genre genre
Type type
Notable locations locations
Notable characters people
First appearance first
{{Infobox fictional location
| name       = 
| colour     =
| image      = 
| imagesize  =
| caption    = 
| source     = 
| creator    = 
| genre      = 
| type       = 
| locations  = 
| people     = 
| first      = 
Parameter Explanation
name Character name for display in header bar; defaults to PAGENAME, which may be preferred to keep header a reasonable size.
colour To set a color for all bars other than the default color.
image Primary image to illustrate the location. Do not use a link ( [[ ]] ) or the "Image:" prefix; image is automatically linked and resized to a standardized 250px.
imagesize Allows alternate sizing for images smaller than 250px.
caption A caption explaining the image.
source Applicable name of book, comic, TV series, film etc. from which the location is taken, for display in bar under main image and caption.
creator Name of the person who created the location.
genre Genre of the source material, like Novel, Comic book, Soap opera, or Horror film.
type Type of location, like City or Castle.
locations Small list of notable locations within this location; for example, notable buildings in a city.
people Small list of notable characters who may live or work in this location.
first Applicable name of book, comic, TV series, film etc. where this place made its first appearance.