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Military memorial infobox[edit]

Menin Gate Memorial to the Missing
Commonwealth of Nations
Menin Gate.jpg
For missing soldiers of World War I
Unveiled July 24, 1927 (1927-07-24)
Location 50°51′09″N 02°53′30″E / 50.85250°N 2.89167°E / 50.85250; 2.89167
near Ieper, West Flanders, Belgium
Designed by Sir Reginald Blomfield
To the armies of the British Empire who stood here from 1914 to 1918 and to those of their dead who have no known grave

A military memorial infobox may be used to summarize information about a single military cemetery, monument, or memorial. The infobox should be added using the {{Infobox military memorial}} template, as shown below:

{{Infobox military memorial
| name =
| body =
| image =
| caption =
| commemorates =
| use_dates =
| coordinates = <!-- {{coord|LAT|LONG|display=inline,title}} -->
| location =
| nearest_town =
| designer =
| inscription =
| established = <!-- {{Start date|YYYY|MM|DD}} -->
| unveiled =
| total =
| unknowns =
| commemorated =
| by_country =
| by_war =
| source =

Note: When using parameters, avoid the ambiguous abbreviation "N/A", and instead use "unknown" or "none". All subjective or qualitative judgements and numerical quantities or statistics must be cited to a reliable source (see WP:MILMOS#CITE).

  • name – the formal name of the memorial.
  • body – the country or other body responsible for administering the memorial (e.g. the Commonwealth War Graves Commission).
  • imageoptional – an image of the memorial. The image must be given in the form [[Image:Example.jpg|300px]]; in particular, the thumb attribute must not be selected.
  • captionoptional – the text to be placed below the image.
  • commemoratesoptional – the force, nationality, or type of dead being honored (e.g. "the British of all wars", "the missing of World War I", "the RAF dead of World War II").
  • use_datesoptional – the period during which the people interred at the cemetery died, given as a dash-separated pair of numbers (e.g. "1915–18"). This often corresponds to the dates of a particular conflict. This parameter should not be used if commemorates, above, is specified.
  • establishedoptional – the date when the cemetery was established or first used †.
  • unveiledoptional – the date when the memorial was unveiled †.
  • designeroptional – the person or group that designed the memorial.
  • coordinates – the location of the memorial. For coordinates, use {{coord}} with display=inline,title. Please do not be overly precise.
  • locationoptional – in cases where the location is given as a coordinate pair, the town or place within which the memorial is located.
  • nearest_townoptional – in cases where the location is given as a coordinate pair, the town nearest to the memorial, when the memorial is not located inside a town.
  • inscriptionoptional – the main inscription on the memorial, if any.
  • totaloptional – the total number of people buried in the cemetery.
  • unknownsoptional – the number of unknown individuals buried in the cemetery.
  • commemoratedoptional – the number of individuals commemorated (without a known grave) in the cemetery.
  • by_nationoptional – a breakdown of burials by nation (or sub-national entity, where appropriate). This is usually formatted as a bulleted list.
  • by_waroptional – a breakdown of burials by the war during which the people were killed. This is usually formatted as a bulleted list.
  • sourceoptional – a source for the statistics in the infobox.
† Use {{Start date}} for the first of these dates.