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     Infobox rail line
Other name {{{other_name}}}
Type {{{type}}}
System {{{system}}}
Status {{{status}}}
Locale {{{locale}}}
Coordinates {{{coordinates}}}
Termini {{{start}}}
Continues from {{{continuesfrom}}}
Continues as {{{continuesas}}}
Connecting lines {{{connectinglines}}}
Stations {{{stations}}}
Services {{{routes}}}
Daily ridership {{{ridership}}}
Ridership {{{ridership2}}}
Train number(s) {{{trainnumber}}}
Line number {{{linenumber}}}
Colour on map {{{mapcolour}}}
Website {{{website}}}
Opening {{{open}}}
Last extension {{{lastextension}}}
Closed {{{close}}}
Reopened {{{reopen}}}
Owner {{{owner}}}
Operator(s) {{{operator}}}
Conduction system {{{conductionsystem}}}
Character {{{character}}}
Depot(s) {{{depot}}}
Rolling stock {{{stock}}}
No. of tracks {{{notrack}}}
Track gauge {{{gauge}}}
Old gauge {{{ogauge}}}
Loading gauge {{{lgauge}}}
Route availability {{{ra}}}
Minimum radius {{{minradius}}}
Electrification {{{el}}}
Operating speed {{{speed}}}
Highest elevation {{{elevation}}}
Maximum incline {{{maxincline}}}
Rack system {{{racksystem}}}
Route number {{{routenumber}}}
Average inter-station distance {{{aveinterstation}}}
Route map
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For a similar template see Template:BS-daten


{{Infobox rail line
| box_width     = 
| name          = 
| other_name    = 
| native_name   = 
| native_name_lang = 
| color         = 
| logo          = 
| logo_width    = 
| logo_alt      = 
| image         = 
| image_width   = 
| image_alt     = 
| caption       = 
| type          = 
| system        = 
| status        = 
| locale        = 
| start         = 
| end           = 
| stations      = 
| routes        = 
| ridership     = 
| ridership2    = 
| open          = <!-- {{Start date|YYYY|MM|DD|df=y}} -->
| close         = 
| owner         = 
| operator      = 
| character     = 
| depot         = 
| stock         = 
| linelength_km =  
| linelength_mi =  
| linelength    =  
| tracklength_km=  
| tracklength_mi=  
| tracklength   =  
| notrack       = 
| gauge         = {{Track gauge|sg|allk=on}}
| ogauge        = 
| lgauge        = 
| minradius     = 
| racksystem    = 
| routenumber   = 
| linenumber    = 
| el            = 
| speed_km/h    = 
| speed_mph     = 
| speed         = 
| elevation_m   = 
| elevation_ft  = 
| elevation     = 
| website       = 
| map           = 
| map_state     = collapsed


Parameter Required Definition
box_width No Width of infobox, default: 25em; Note: use auto for automatic width (nb long image captions will not wrap if |box_width=auto is specified)
name No Name of rail line; default:Article Name
other_name No Alternative name of rail line
native_name No Non-English name of rail line
native_name_lang No ISO 639-2 code e.g. "fr" for French. If more than one, use {{lang}} instead
color No Color of rail line (6-digit hex code without "#")
logo No Filename of image for the logo
logo_width No Size of logo, default: 200px
logo_alt No Alt text for logo, for visually impaired readers; see WP:ALT. This should be present if "logo=" is present.
image No Filename of image
image_width No Size of image, default: 250px
image_alt No Alt text for image. This should be present if "image=" is present.
caption No Caption of image
type No Type of transit system. Types may include (one or more):
system No Name of transit system the rail line is part of
status No Status of rail line
locale No City or region transit system is located
coordinates No Coordinates; use {{Coord}} with |display=inline,title
start No Name of starting terminal station
end No Name of ending terminal station
stations No Number of stations/stops
routes No Service routes of rail line
ridership No Daily system ridership
ridership2 No Generic ridership field for non-daily values
open No Date rail line opened
close No Date rail line closed
reopen No Date rail line reopened after closure
owner No Owner of rail line
operator No Operator(s) of rail line
character No Character of rail line – e.g. Fully elevated and grade-separated, or At-grade street running, or Underground subway, etc.
depot No Name of traction maintenance depot(s) of rail line
stock No Types of rolling stock used on the rail line
linelength_km No Length of the line length in kilometres: auto-converts to miles
linelength_mi No Length of the line length in miles: auto-converts to kilometres
linelength No Use as an alternative to the auto-conversion parameters or for extra info
tracklength_km No Length of the track length in kilometres: auto-converts to miles
tracklength_mi No Length of the track length in miles: auto-converts to kilometres
tracklength No Use as an alternative to the auto-conversion parameters or for extra info
notrack No Number of tracks
gauge No Track gauge (use template {{Track gauge}})
ogauge No Old rail gauge (use template {{Track gauge}})
lgauge No Loading gauge
minradius No Minimum radius of curvature (use template:convert)
racksystem No Rack system. Examples: Abt or Strub, as the case may be.
el No Electrification system (e.g. Third rail, Overhead catenary) and/or voltage
trainnumber No Train number(s) running as shown in official timetables and printed on tickets.
routenumber No Route number(s) indicated in timetables to identify the stretch of track, in Germany usually referred as Kursbuchstrecke
linenumber No Line number(s). Identifier(s) of set of trains with same service, usually seen in suburban trains. eg. S7, IENA, 7, Line A. Not to be confused with the technical track.
speed_km/h No Maximum or operating speed of the rail line in km/h: auto-converts to mph
speed_mph No Maximum or operating speed of the rail line in mph: auto-converts to km/h
speed No Use as an alternative to the auto-conversion parameters or for extra info
elevation_m No Highest elevation of the rail line in metres: auto-converts to feet
elevation_ft No Highest elevation of the rail line in feet: auto-converts to metres
elevation No Use as an alternative to the auto-conversion parameters or for extra info
No The colour or color of the line on route maps; Use either mapcolour for colour or mapcolor for color, but not both
No The name of an article for wikilinking the word "map" in the mapcolour and mapcolor field label
website No URL of website. Raw URLS will be hyperlinked and displayed. External link wikilinking works as well.
map No Map of line
map_name No Title of map; default: Route map
map_state No Shows or hides map. Use show or collapsed


     Alpha Line
Puzzle piece globe, captioned "Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia"
P L A C E H O L D E R .
Placeholder caption
Other name Line Alpha
Native name Le Alpha
Type Light rail
System ABC Transit
Status Ceased operation
Locale Newark
Termini Station A
Station M
Stations 15
Services 1
Daily ridership 239,200
Opening June 22, 1904
Closed March 8, 1942
Operator(s) BCT Transport
Line length 13.8 mi (22.2 km)
Track gauge 4 ft 8 12 in (1,435 mm) standard gauge
Route map
P L A C E H O L D E R .
{{Infobox rail line
| name        = Alpha Line
| other_name  = Line Alpha
| native_name = Le Alpha
| native_name_lang = fr
| color       = 003399
| logo        = Example.png
| logo_width  = 100px
| logo_alt    = Puzzle piece globe, captioned "Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia"
| image       = placeholder.png
| image_width =
| image_alt   = P L A C E H O L D E R .
| caption     = Placeholder caption
| type        = [[Light rail]]
| system      = ABC Transit
| status      = Ceased operation
| locale      = [[Newark, New Jersey|Newark]]
| start       = Station A
| end         = Station M
| stations    = 15
| routes      = 1
| ridership   = 239,200
| open        = June 22, 1904
| close       = March 8, 1942
| owner       =
| operator    = BCT Transport
| character   =
| depot       =
| stock       =
| linelength_mi = 13.8
| tracklength =
| notrack     =
| gauge       = {{track gauge|impsg|al=on}}
| el          =
| speed       =
| elevation   =
| map         = [[Image:placeholder.png|200px|alt=P L A C E H O L D E R .]]
| map_name    =
| map_state   = collapsed

Including route diagram template in map parameter

If the route map made using project:Route diagram templates included in the infobox "breaks apart" on every row in browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 like the left one, apply the template {{infobox rdt}} like this:

|map = {{Infobox rdt|ROUTE DIAGRAM TEMPLATE NAME}}

breaking rows fixed
Infobox rail line
Route map
South Station
Franklin, Greenbush, and Old Colony Lines
Back Bay
Framingham/Worcester Line
Providence/Stoughton Line
Forest Hills
Roslindale Village
West Roxbury
Needham Junction
Needham Center
Needham Heights
Infobox rail line
Route map

This issue doesn't exist under browser like IE8, Firefox or Opera by their default font and margin preferences. If only few rows break apart, possibly the infobox width is too short and forcing some of the text description within the route diagram template to soft return. Increase the box_width parameter, or putting auto will solve this problem.

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