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War faction infobox[edit]

Midowga Maxkamadaha Islaamiga
اتحاد المحاكم الإسلامية
Islamic Courts Union
Participant in the Somali Civil War
Flag of the Islamic Courts Union.svg 
The flag of the Islamic Courts Union.
Active June 6, 2006–present
Groups Habar Gidir, Abgaal, Rahanweyn, Ogaden, Marehan and some support from many other clans
Leaders Sharif Sheikh Ahmed,
Hassan Dahir Aweys
Headquarters Mogadishu
Area of operations Central and southern Somalia
Originated as Unaligned Islamic sharia courts movements
Allies Mujahideen organizations, including Al Qaeda,
Various Muslim and anti-Ethiopian nations including Eritrea (alleged)
Opponents Clan-based warlords,
Alliance for the Restoration of Peace and Counter-Terrorism,
Juba Valley Alliance,
Transitional Federal Government,
United States

A war faction infobox may be used to summarize information about a particular faction participating in a war; it should not be used for regular military units and formations (which should use {{infobox military unit}} instead). The infobox should be added using the {{infobox war faction}} template, as shown below:

{{ infobox war faction
| name             = 
| native_name      = 
| native_name_lang = 
| war              = 
| image            = 
| caption          = 
| active           = 
| ideology         = 
| leaders          = 
| clans            = 
| headquarters     = 
| area             = 
| strength         = 
| partof           = 
| previous         = 
| next             = 
| allies           = 
| split            = 
| opponents        = 
| battles          = 
| url              = 

Note: When using parameters, avoid the ambiguous abbreviation "N/A", and instead use "unknown" or "none". All subjective or qualitative judgements and numerical quantities or statistics must be cited to a reliable source (see WP:MILMOS#CITE).

  • name – the formal name of the faction.
  • native_name – the faction's name in their own language
  • native_name_lang – ISO 639-1 code e.g. "fr" for French. If more than one, use {{{2}}} for |native_name= instead
  • war – the war or wars in which the faction participated; for proper grammar, it may be necessary to insert "the" before the name.
  • imageoptional – an image representative of the faction. The image must be given in the form [[Image:Example.jpg|300px]]; in particular, the thumb attribute must not be selected.
  • captionoptional – the text to be placed below the image.
  • ideologyoptional – the ideology of the faction, if relevant.
  • active – the period during which the faction was active.
  • leaders – the leaders of the faction.
  • clansoptional – the clans or tribes the faction includes, if relevant.
  • headquartersoptional – the headquarters of the faction.
  • areaoptional – the area in which the faction operated; a map may be included here, if one is available.
  • strengthoptional – the number of personnel comprising the faction.
  • partofoptional – the larger group of which the faction is a part, if any.
  • previousoptional – the previous identity of the faction, or the factions from which it emerged.
  • nextoptional – if the faction transformed into another one, the name of that faction.
  • alliesoptional – the faction's allies in the war.
  • splitoptional – parties that the faction has an split into.
  • opponentsoptional – the faction's opponents in the war.
  • battlesoptional – any notable battles or wars in which the unit participated. The decision of what constitutes a notable battle is left to the editors of the specific article.
  • urloptional – official website, if one exists, of the unit.