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Main: Australian cricket team in England in 1948 (51K), 1948 Ashes series (58K)

Players and manager: Cscr-featured.pngSid Barnes (59K), Cscr-featured.pngDonald Bradman (114K), Cscr-featured.pngBill Brown (50K),
Symbol support vote.svgRon Hamence (22K), Symbol support vote.svgNeil Harvey (45K), Lindsay Hassett (37K), Cscr-featured.png Ian Johnson (75K), Symbol support vote.svgBill Johnston (39K),
Symbol support vote.svgRay Lindwall (82K), Sam Loxton (25K), Symbol support vote.svgColin McCool (36K), Keith Miller (129K), Cscr-featured.pngArthur Morris (48K),
Doug Ring (31K), Symbol support vote.svgRon Saggers (26K), Cscr-featured.pngDon Tallon (41K), Cscr-featured.pngErnie Toshack (27K), manager: Keith Johnson (10K)


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Keith Miller

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Keith Miller - bowling

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