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Lee Navigation
Hertford Castle Weir
Hertford Town Mill Bridge
Folly Bridge
Hertford Basin
River Beane
Hertford Lock No.1
River Rib
New River Gauge House
Ware Lock No.2
Ware Visitor Moorings
A1170 Ware Town Bridge
Hardmead Lock No.3
River Ash
Stanstead Lock No.4
(Swing Bridge over Lock)
Stort Navigation
Feildes Weir Lock No.5
New River continues down
Flood Relief Channel
Dobbs Weir
Flood Relief Channel sluice
Dobbs Weir Lock No.6
Nazeing Mead (lake)
River Lynch
Boating Lakes
Carthagena Lock No.7
52 New Nazeing Road Bridge
Flood Relief Channel
Broxbourne Mill
Kings Weir
49 Slipe Lane Bridge
Holyfield Lake
Aqueduct Lock No.8
Small River Lea
Cheshunt Lock No.9
Seventy Acres Lake (R)
Waltham Common Lock No.10
Powdermill Cut
Waltham Town Lock No.11
42 A121 Waltham Town Bridge
Horsemill Stream sluice
40A M25 motorway
Rammey Marsh Lock No.12
40 Rammey Marsh Bridge
Cattlegate Flood Relief Channel
Enfield Lock No.13
37A Enfield Road Bridge
Turkey Brook + Pumping Stn
King George's Reservoir
King George's Reservoir
Ponders End Mill Stream
35 A110 Lea Valley Road Bridge
Ponder's End Locks No.14
William Girling Reservoir PS
River Lee Diversion
Pickett's Lock No.15
28 A406 Bleak Hall Bridge
Banbury Reservoir
Stonebridge Locks No.16
Lockwood Reservoir
Maynard Reservoirs
Tottenham Locks No.17
River Lee Flood Relief Channel
24 A503 Ferry Lane Bridge
23 Tottenham Railway Bridge
22 Markfield Railway Bridge
19A Ferry Railway Bridge
18 A104
Pond Lane Flood Gates No.18
17 B112 Cow Bridge
14 A12 East Cross Route Bridge
12 Hackney Wick Railway Bridge
11 A115 White Post Lane Bridge
Hertford Union Canal
Bow Back Rivers
Old Ford Locks No.19
Olympic Stadium
District line Bridge
Bow Back Rivers
A11 Bow Bridge
Three Mills tide mill + Three Mills Lock
Bow Locks
Limehouse Cut + Bow Creek
A13 Barking Road Bridge
Limehouse Basin
Limehouse Lock + A1020
River Thames
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