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This template is used to provide references to pages in the London Gazette online archive website. The London Gazette is the official newspaper of the British government for England and Wales in which all official notices are published. The template is provided to simplify the entering of addresses. An index by number/date (i.e. if you know the number or date you can find the document) is at WP:London Gazette Index.

The template may also be used to provide references to pages in the of the Edinburgh Gazette online archives and to Belfast Gazette online archives.


Basic form using minimum parameters to link to the reference (when used as an inline reference, the <ref>...</ref> tags must be added separately)

{{London Gazette |issue= |date= |startpage= }}

Using endpage to refer to a range of pages in the link

{{London Gazette |issue= |date= |startpage= |endpage= }}

Using city to refer to a page in the Edinburgh or Belfast Gazette in the link

{{London Gazette |issue= |date= |startpage= |city= }}

Using supp to link to a page in a supplement to a Gazette

{{London Gazette |issue= |date= |startpage= |endpage= |supp= }}

Using accessdate to provide a date information was retrieved

{{London Gazette |issue= |date= |startpage= |endpage= |supp= |accessdate= }}

All parameters, delete those you don't need

{{London Gazette |issue= |date= |startpage= |endpage= |supp= |city= |nolink= |accessdate= |ps=}}

All parameters, vertical format
{{London Gazette

Required parameters

  • issue: The issue number of the referenced Gazette
  • startpage: The page of the referenced Gazette on which the citation is found (or the first page of a range)
  • date: The publication date of the referenced Gazette. This should be in the format day month year.

For a link in a supplement to a Gazette:

  • supp: To correctly format the URL to link to a page in a Gazette supplement, set this parameter to any value (typically, supp=yes); otherwise omit it or leave it blank.

Optional parameters

For producing a date of retrieval:

accessdate: Full date when item was accessed. Should not be wikilinked.

For a link to the Edinburgh, Belfast Gazette or Oxford Gazette:

city: Either |city=e for Edinburgh Gazette, |city=b for Belfast Gazette or |city=o for the Oxford Gazette as the first 23 issues of the London Gazette were titled.

For use where a range of pages is to be referenced:

endpage: The last page in the range of pages.

To display the name of the Gazette without a wikilink (e.g. if there are multiple uses of the template, allow the link on the first but disable the rest):

nolink: Specify this parameter with any value.

The punctuation used to separate page numbers, dates and so on:

separator: Defaults to a period (.); if the parameter is present, but blank, no separator punctuation will be used; do not use an asterisk (*), colon (:) or hash (#) as they will be interpreted as wikimarkup. Used in conjunction with the ps parameter it can provide consistency with Citation style 2, as produced by {{Citation}}.

To remove the final period, or change it to any other character:

ps: Using |ps= removes the final period; suppressing the default final period (full stop) ensures consistency with Citation style 2, as produced by {{Citation}}.

Obsolete parameters

  • notarchive: was formerly required to correctly format the URL to link to a page in a recent Gazette (in approximately the last ten years). Since a change to the url scheme in January 2009, this parameter is redundant but may be found in links created prior to the change.
  • linkeddate: was formerly used to produce a wikilinked date. Wikilinking dates is now deprecated and the function of this parameter has been disabled. Use |date= instead.

Source of information for parameters

To find the information to put into the parameters:

  1. Visit the Gazette website search page: The Gazette
  2. Enter search terms into the search fields including a date range and a choice of Gazette edition(s)
  3. When the list of matching Gazette issues is displayed, click on a link and the site will open a window with a PDF image of a page of the gazette. From the heading above the page image note:
    1. The issue number. This may be up to five digits and also appear in the URL after ".../issue/".
    2. The page number. This may be up to five digits and also appears as the last group of characters in the URL.
    3. The publication date
  4. If the reference needs to refer to a range of pages, find the last relevant page and note the page number as before.
  5. Check if the page is part of an issue or a supplement
    1. If from a standard gazette issue, the following will be included in the URL, ".../page/..." and no action is required.
    2. If the page is part of a supplement to an issue, the following will be included in the URL, ".../supplement/..." , the parameter |supp= must be added to the template. Any character may follow, as long as it is not left blank.
  6. When referencing the Belfast or Edinburgh Gazettes, use |city=b or |city=e. When referencing the first 23 issues of the London Gazette (published as the Oxford Gazette) use |city=o. Setting |city=l explicitly refers to the London Gazette. Omitting, leaving the parameter blank, or specifying any other value but b, e, l, or o, will cause the template to default to the London Gazette.
  7. Add each of these to the template
  8. Add the Retrieval date


Some standard use cases
A link to a page in the Edinburgh gazette
  • {{London Gazette |issue=11370 |date=3 January 1902 |startpage=1 |city=e |accessdate=30 March 2015 }}
    The Edinburgh Gazette: no. 11370. p. 1. 3 January 1902. Retrieved 30 March 2015.
A link to a page in the Oxford gazette
  • {{London Gazette |issue=1 |date=7 November 1665 |startpage=1 |city=o |accessdate=30 March 2015 }}
    The Oxford Gazette: no. 1. p. 1. 7 November 1665. Retrieved 30 March 2015.
No parameters (error)
  • {{London Gazette}}

You must specify issue=, startpage=, and date= when using {{London Gazette}}. Available parameters:

{{London Gazette