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Infobox MLL team
Founded {{{founded}}}
City {{{city}}}
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All fields are optional, except for team name, logo, founding date, city and the CAN_eng variable. CAN_eng should be set to "1" for Canadian-based teams and left blank for American teams. If team_name is not specified it will default to the page name.

{{Infobox MLL team
|team_name = 
|bg_color = 
|text_color = 
|logo_image = 
|image_size= <!-- defaults to 150px; include the "px" when adding image size; e.g. "200px" -->
|conference = 
|division = 
|founded = 
|folded = 
|history = 
|stadium = 
|city = 
|media_affiliates = 
|team_colors =
|mascot = 
|owner = 
|general_manager = 
|head_coach = 
|captain = 
|steinfeld_cups = 
|division_titles = 
|website =
|CAN_eng =