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  • DO place this template on the talk pages of articles for which you either have strong knowledge of the topic or its sources.
  • DO place this template on the talk pages of articles which you have thoroughly read, understood, and checked against sources.
  • DO remove the template if blank, if no users are listed.
  • DO remove a user from the template (or the entire template, if only one user) if they haven't edited the article/talk page in several months, as long as they're not an expert or significant contributor to the article. Make sure to leave a message on the user's talk page.
  • DO NOT place this template on non-talk pages, other than in your own user-space. It is most emphatically not for article or category pages themselves.
  • DO NOT place this template on the talk pages of controversial articles that are easily subject to POV wars.
  • DO NOT use this template as a means to claim "ownership" of an article, or as an attempt to force others to clear their changes with you.

This template adds articles to Category:Maintained articles. Place it on talk pages.


This template takes one or more wikilinked usernames as an unnamed parameter:

{{Maintained|[[User talk:SomeInvolvedUser1|SomeInvolvedUser1]]<br />[[User talk:SomeInvolvedUser2|SomeInvolvedUser2]]}}

renders as:

For use on the talk pages of non-articles, add |article=no:

{{Maintained|[[User talk:SomeInvolvedUser1|SomeInvolvedUser1]]<br />[[User talk:SomeInvolvedUser2|SomeInvolvedUser2]]|article=no}}

renders as:

The |small=yes parameter can be used to reduce the size of the template and move it to the right-hand side of the page like archive boxes and other templates with a small mode. It can be used with other parameters:

{{Maintained|[[User talk:SomeInvolvedUser1|SomeInvolvedUser1]]<br />[[User talk:SomeInvolvedUser2|SomeInvolvedUser2]]|article=no|small=yes}}

renders as:

  • You can also use user templates instead of simple userpage links. See Template:User for more information on user templates.
  • It should be decided first on the talk page of the article which user template and what other (if any) information is going to be used so that it all remains consistent. Maintain a standard format and document it in an HTML comment right under and/or over the template tag.
  • Additional information can be added after your username (e.g., what was last verified and when or particular areas of expertise).
  • Example:
{{Maintained |
 {{User0|Your_username}} · History section · YYYY-MM-DD<br />
 {{User0|Another_username}} · Introduction · YYYY-MM-DD<br />

Personal maintenance list

Create a template at User:Example/Maintenance and add to it: {{User4|Example}} or {{User0}}. Then, use the following format in the {{Maintained}} template:

  • Your maintenance list is at Special:Whatlinkshere/User:Example/Maintenance.
  • If you want to remove your name from all the templates, just blank your /Maintenance page.
  • You can also put in a message such as "on break until March" on the /Maintenance page, so people know not to contact you.
  • The template {{User4}} allows for an email link. Since every user with an account/username has a talk page at Wikipedia, the {{User4}} template is of no use to any users or viewers of the template looking at usernames who do not publish email addresses in their user preferences. The {{User0}} template links to your username and talkpage.