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MobyGames at MobyGames

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This template is for generating links to MobyGames game entries. Please only add it in instances where it provides additional or strongly-supporting information to the article.

{{MobyGames|id= |name= }}


Insert this text into the External links section of a video game article:

{{MobyGames|id=<id>|name=<game title>}}

and replace <id> with the entire URL after "game". For example, if the MobyGames URL were:


then just "/heroes-of-might-and-magic" (without the double quotes) would replace <id>.

For <game title> insert the name of the game. The pagename is used if it's left blank or omitted. Note the template will not italicize titles, so you'll need to include the wikimarkup for that.

The template works for series too. For the Heroes of Might and Magic series (at http://www.mobygames.com/game-group/heroes-of-might-and-magic-series), one would use "-group/heroes-of-might-and-magic-series" as the id and "The ''Heroes'' series" as the game name. So inserting this:

*{{MobyGames|id=-group/heroes-of-might-and-magic-series|name=The ''Heroes'' series}}

would give you this:

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