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MusicBrainz release at MusicBrainz

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This template provides a link to a specific MusicBrainz release page, via its permanent link. To link to the release in general, use {{MusicBrainz release group}} instead.


{{MusicBrainz release|mbid=|name=}}

For singles, use

{{MusicBrainz release|mbid=|name=|type=single}}

Please do not use {{MusicBrainz album}}, it is a redirect to {{MusicBrainz release}} in accordance with MusicBrainz' URL structures.


{{MusicBrainz release|mbid=5e06ebf6-f5c2-42ef-8b52-2adfc304b2cc|name=Paranoia Agent Original Soundtrack}}

Paranoia Agent Original Soundtrack at MusicBrainz

{{MusicBrainz release|mbid=20e0bad7-bfbf-4f18-b0b3-8549dfcef6f3|name=Love Me Do|type=single}}

"Love Me Do" at MusicBrainz

Deprecated by MusicBrainz

MusicBrainz now supports multiple mediums in a single release. The following examples may no longer work with MusicBrainz (as the ids involved will have changed if the separate releases are merged into a single one), and are left for historical purposes. Editors are encouraged to use {{MusicBrainz release group}} unless they need to refer to a specific edition of a release.

2 discs
{{MusicBrainz release
|name=Vagrant Story Original Soundtrack

Vagrant Story Original Soundtrack (disc 2) at MusicBrainz

3 discs
{{MusicBrainz release
|name=Final Fantasy VI: Original Sound Version

Final Fantasy VI: Original Sound Version (discs 2 & 3) at MusicBrainz

4 discs
{{MusicBrainz release
|name=Final Fantasy VIII: Original Soundtrack

Final Fantasy VIII: Original Soundtrack (discs 2, 3 & 4) at MusicBrainz

5 discs
6 discs
7 discs
{{MusicBrainz release
|name=Neon Genesis Evangelion S² Works
8 discs
9 discs
10 discs

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