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Araucaria moist forests Argentina, Brazil
Atlantic Coast restingas Brazil
Bahia coastal forests Brazil
Bahia interior forests Brazil
Bolivian Yungas Bolivia, Peru
Caatinga enclaves moist forests Brazil
Caqueta moist forests Brazil, Colombia
Catatumbo moist forests Venezuela
Cauca Valley montane forests Colombia
Cayos Miskitos-San Andrés and Providencia moist forests Colombia, Nicaragua
Central American Atlantic moist forests Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama
Central American montane forests El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua
Chiapas montane forests Mexico
Chimalapas montane forests Mexico
Chocó-Darién moist forests Colombia, Ecuador, Panama
Cocos Island moist forests Costa Rica
Cordillera de la Costa montane forests Venezuela
Cordillera Oriental montane forests Colombia, Venezuela
Costa Rican seasonal moist forests Costa Rica, Nicaragua
Cuban moist forests Cuba
Eastern Cordillera Real montane forests Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
Eastern Panamanian montane forests Colombia, Panama
Fernando de Noronha-Atol das Rocas moist forests Brazil
Guayanan highlands forests Brazil, Colombia, Guyana, Suriname, Venezuela
Guianan moist forests Brazil, French Guiana, Guyana, Suriname, Venezuela
Gurupa varzea Brazil
Hispaniolan moist forests Dominican Republic, Haiti
Iquitos varzea Bolivia, Brazil, Peru
Isthmian-Atlantic moist forests Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama
Isthmian-Pacific moist forests Costa Rica, Panama
Jamaican moist forests Jamaica
Japurá-Solimoes-Negro moist forests Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela
Juruá-Purus moist forests Brazil
Leeward Islands moist forests Antigua, British Virgin Islands, Guadeloupe, Montserrat, Nevis, Saint Kitts, British Virgin Islands
Madeira-Tapajós moist forests Bolivia, Brazil
Magdalena Valley montane forests Colombia
Magdalena-Urabá moist forests Colombia
Marajó varzea Brazil
Maranhão Babaçu forests Brazil
Mato Grosso tropical dry forests Brazil
Monte Alegre varzea Brazil
Napo moist forests Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
Negro-Branco moist forests Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela
Northeastern Brazil restingas Brazil
Northwestern Andean montane forests Colombia, Ecuador
Oaxacan montane forests Mexico
Orinoco Delta swamp forests Guyana, Venezuela
Pantanos de Centla Mexico
Paramaribo swamp forests Guyana, Suriname
Paraná-Paraíba interior forests Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay
Pernambuco coastal forests Brazil
Pernambuco interior forests Brazil
Peruvian Yungas Peru
Petén-Veracruz moist forests Mexico
Puerto Rican moist forests Puerto Rico
Purus varzea Brazil
Purus-Madeira moist forests Brazil
Rio Negro campinarana Brazil, Colombia
Santa Marta montane forests Colombia
Serra do Mar coastal forests Brazil
Sierra de los Tuxtlas Mexico
Sierra Madre de Chiapas moist forest El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico
Solimões-Japurá moist forest Brazil, Colombia, Peru
South Florida rocklands United States
Southern Andean Yungas Argentina, Bolivia
Southwest Amazon moist forests Bolivia, Brazil, Peru
Talamancan montane forests Costa Rica, Panama
Tapajós-Xingu moist forests Brazil
Tepuis Brazil, Guyana, Suriname, Venezuela
Tocantins-Araguaia-Maranhão moist forests Brazil
Trinidad and Tobago moist forests Trinidad and Tobago
Trindade-Martin Vaz Islands tropical forests Brazil
Uatuma-Trombetas moist forests Brazil, Guyana, Suriname
Ucayali moist forests Peru
Venezuelan Andes montane forests Colombia, Venezuela
Veracruz moist forests Mexico
Veracruz montane forests Mexico
Western Ecuador moist forests Colombia, Ecuador
Windward Islands moist forests Dominica, Grenada, Martinique, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Xingu-Tocantins-Araguaia moist forests Brazil
Yucatán moist forests Belize, Guatemala, Mexico