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Current squad of Newell's Old Boys as of February 13, 2014 (edit)
Sources: Official website and Argentine Soccer

No. Position Player
1  ARG GK Oscar Ustari
2  ARG DF Leandro Fernández
3  ARG MF Claudio Corvalán
4  PAR DF Marcos Cáceres
5  ARG MF Diego Mateo
6  ARG DF Víctor López
7  ARG MF Lucas Bernardi
8  ARG MF Alexis Castro
9  ARG FW Francisco Fydriszewski
11  ARG MF Maxi Rodríguez
13  ARG MF Carlos Leonel Torres
15  ARG MF Milton Casco
16  ARG MF Víctor Figueroa
17  ARG MF Mauricio Tévez
18  ARG MF Horacio Orzán
No. Position Player
22  ARG FW Ezequiel Ponce
24  ARG DF Leonel Hernán González
25  ARG MF Eugenio Isnaldo
26  ARG DF Cristian Díaz
27  ARG MF José Agüero
28  ARG MF Martín Tonso
29  ARG MF Juan Ignacio Vieyra
31  ARG DF Jonathan Valle
32  ARG FW Ignacio Scocco
33  ARG MF Hernán Villalba
36  ARG MF Marcos Pérez
38  ARG DF Enzo Beloso
39  ARG FW Fabián Nicolás Muñoz
42  ARG DF Guillermo Ortiz

Manager: Gustavo Raggio