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This template adds __NOINDEX__, which may remove the page from some search engines and automatically categorizes pages in Category:Noindexed pages. By default, it displays no content.

  • {{NOINDEX}}


  • {{NOINDEX|visible=yes}}


|visible = yes – makes the template display a line of plain text to inform editors that the page is excluded from search engine indexing:

This page has been removed from search engines' indexes.


Note: to avoid unexpected results or unnecessary duplication, read Wikipedia:Controlling search engine indexing to make sure you are familiar with the different ways noindexing is done.

This template should not be used in articles. If an article is bad enough that search engines shouldn't index it, it should be nominated for deletion. __NOINDEX__ is disabled in article space and this template consequently has no effect there.

Note: major search engines should respect the NOINDEX tag, but it may take days or even weeks for content already indexed to be removed from them.


This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools.


This template adds __NOINDEX__ to a page, a search engine tag that prevents indexing

Template parameters
Parameter Description Type Default Auto value Status
Visible visible When set to 'yes', the template will display a message stating that the page is not indexed. string empty empty optional