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The {{Online source}} template will categorize article talk pages that include it into Category:Wikipedia pages referenced by the press.


The template syntax is as follows:

{{Online source 
| title = <!-- title of article -->
| author = <!-- given name surname -->
| year = <!-- yyyy -->
| monthday = <!-- dd month or month dd --> 
| url = <!-- -->
| org = <!-- publisher's name -->
| accessdate = <!-- date when the news item was accessed, if it was found online -->
| archiveurl = <!-- url where page was archived, typically on -->
| archivedate = <!-- date page was archived; mandatory if archiveurl is used -->
| section = <!-- section header of Wikipedia:Wikipedia as a press source yyyy page -->
| wikilink = <!-- link to [[Wikipedia:Wikipedia as a press source yyyy#section header|Wikipedia as a press source yyyy]] -->
| small = <!-- yes/no -->
| subject = <!-- text to display instead of "this article" (in mainspace) or "this page" (in any other namespace) -->

and renders:


The year and title are required parameters; all others are optional. This template should be placed on an article's talk page. The section link should be the title of the appropriate section on the Wikipedia page listing all press releases in the given year. The template supports a small=yes parameter to reduce the size of the template. Either the monthday and year, or date and year parameters should be used; note that these dates should not be wikilinked per the guidelines of the Manual of Style (dates and numbers).

Multiple articles can be referenced by adding a number to the end of the parameter names, e.g., year would become year2, up to a maximum of 30 (year30). Both the year and the title parameters are required for each of these subsequent articles.

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