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The Duchess of Padua

The Duchess of Padua is an 1891 stage play by Oscar Wilde, rarely staged since its premiere, which follows two star-crossed lovers. Guido arrives in Padua and intends to take revenge for his father's murder by killing the Duke, only to fall in love with the Duchess. He decides to spare the Duke's life, but finds that the Duchess has killed him so that she can be with Guido. When Guido spurns her advances, the Duchess has him arrested for her husband's murder. Guido does not reveal her involvement, and after the trial the Duchess visits him; in his cell, she kills herself by drinking poison, and he follows suit by stabbing himself.

This illustration, from a 1901 printing, illustrates the line, "Alackaday! I am fallen so low in place. I can reward thee only with niggardly thanks."

Illustration: Unknown; restoration: Adam Cuerden
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