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The primary purpose of this template is for when using {{Portal}} would cause formating problems.

For example sometimes images and infoboxes can push a regular {{portal}} outside of the See also section. This template doesn't have that problem.

Another example: This template is well suited for articles that have more portals than related articles in the "See also" section, which would cause a regular {{portal}} sprawl into the next section, although a regular {{portal}} with {{clear}} would sometimes work better depending on how much whitespace {{portal}} with {{clear}} would cause.


To add the template to a page, use the following code:

{{Portal bar|portal 1|portal 2|...}}

For a version with no border, use border=no:

{{Portal bar|portal 1|portal 2|...|border=no}}


Within articles, this template is usually placed at the bottom of the article just above the navboxes or within the See also section.


The portal image name is found using Module:Portal. Please see Module:Portal#Image for instructions on how to add, update, or remove an image.


{{Portal bar|Biology|Fungi|Plants|Science}}


{{Portal bar|Biology|Fungi|Plants|Science|border=no}}


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