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  • This is a redirect from a domain name to an article about a website (or the company that hosts it) that is more often referred to by its short name or company name rather than its domain name. For more information follow the category link.
    • Use this redirect link (without piping) when the link in the context specifically concerns the website. Other pages using this link should be updated to replace the text with the redirect target (again, without piping).
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Use this rcat template on mainspace redirects only.
#REDIRECT [[(target article title)]]

{{R from domain name}}
This is in accord with instructions found at WP:REDCAT.
  • Template {{This is a redirect}} may also be used to add this and up to seven appropriate rcats to a redirect.
  • Use this template for redirects that are domain names and that represent the article they target. An example of a domain name of a website that targets its article is Wikipedia.orgRedirect arrow without text.svgWikipedia.


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