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  • This is a redirect from a singular noun to its plural form. Either {{R to plural}} or {{R from singular}} may be used to tag singular redirects. For more information follow the category link.
    • Redirects of this sort exist for reader convenience in cases of singular–plural pairs or false singulars, wherein the plural or plural-looking form is better attested in usage, such that the normal "prefer the singular" Wikipedia naming convention is not followed. Example: [[Trouser]] → [[Trousers]].
    • Use this rcat to tag only mainspace redirects; when singular forms are found in other namespaces, use {{R from modification}} instead.
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Use this rcat template on mainspace redirects only.
#REDIRECT [[(target article title)]]

{{R to plural}}
This is in accord with instructions found at Wikipedia:REDCAT.
  • Template {{This is a redirect}} may also be used to add this and up to seven appropriate rcats to a redirect.
  • Use this rcat on all mainspace redirects from the singular noun of a plural target. The rcat {{R from singular}} redirects here and may also be used.
  • At some point in the future, Jimmy Wales wants to make more printed versions of Wikipedia encyclopedia articles. The singular forms for which this rcat is designed are usually not suitable for a printed version, so this rcat populates Category:Unprintworthy redirects by default.
  • Some singulars are printworthy, for example the Arabic and Latin forms. When you add this rcat to a redirect that you decide is printworthy, then use the first parameter in the following manner:
{{Redirect to plural|printworthy}}
Note: The bar key ( ¦ ) on the keyboard renders as a pipe ( | ) on the screen.
This will suppress the default Unprintworthy category and instead add the redirect to Category:Printworthy redirects.


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