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Use this rcat template on mainspace redirects only.
An unnamed parameter may be used to specify more precisely the kind of organism involved and to put the article in the appropriate subcategory. Thus:
As of October 2014 only "plant" is recognized; any other value is ignored.
  • Add this rcat to a redirect in the following manner:
#REDIRECT [[(target article title)]]

{{R to scientific name}}
This is in accord with instructions found at Wikipedia:REDCAT.
  • Template {{This is a redirect}} or its alias {{Redr}} may also be used to add this and up to seven appropriate rcats to a redirect. Any subcategory must then be given by |pN= where N is the position of this template in the list of rcats.
{{Redr|to scientific name|from move}}
{{Redr|to scientific name|p1=plant|from move}}
{{Redr|from move|to scientific name|p2=plant}}


  • Also known as... – list of templates that redirect here and may also be used


  • Unlike its complementary rcat, {{R from scientific name}}, this rcat does not automatically categorize redirects for this quality. In main-article namespace many common-name redirects to scientific names are considered unprintworthy; however, there are many others that are thought to be printworthy, so there is no default sort for printworthiness. At some point in the future, Jimmy Wales wants to make more printed versions of Wikipedia encyclopedia articles. Some rcats automatically populate either Category:Printworthy redirects or Category:Unprintworthy redirects by default. Others, like this rcat, do not, and that means it is up to editors to choose which of those categories, Printworthy or Unprintworthy, is appropriate and should be populated. The rcats that are used separately to populate those categories are:
Please click on each one for more details and guidance.
{{Redr|to scientific name|printworthy}}
{{Redr|to scientific name|p1=plant|unprintworthy}}
Either {{This is a redirect}} or its alias/shortcut, {{Redr}}, may be used.

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