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Leigh Rayment's Historical List of MPs [self-published source] [better source needed]

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This template is used to access Leigh Rayment's Historical List of MPs on Leigh Rayment's Peerage Pages http://www.leighrayment.com/commons.htm.

With just a |date=month year parameter this template links to that web site. But this template also takes three optional parameters.

There is one named parameter called |external links= which should be set to "1" if this template is being used in an "External links" or a "Further reading" section of an article. It will turn off the two messages warning that this is a [self-published source?] and [better source needed].

Leigh Rayment's Historical List of MPs are listed by constituencies placed under http://www.leighrayment.com/commons/ and then a page name consisting of the first letter of constituency name, "commons" and then a part number. So constituencies starting with "A" and on page "1" are at http://www.leighrayment.com/commons/Acommons1.htm, and constituencies starting with an "S" on page 2 are at http://www.leighrayment.com/commons/Scommons2.htm and so on. Some constituencies names such as those starting with the letter "F" are all on one page without a part number http://www.leighrayment.com/commons/Fcommons.htm.

This template takes one or two unnamed parameters in the order first letter of the constituency and then part (Whether they come before or after the named parameter external links=1 does not matter). So the two examples above would be entered like this:

All four together like this:

and without a part number like this:


This places articles into several hidden sub-categories of

The sub-cateogires are:

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