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How to manage this template's visibility

  • Use {{Regions of the United States |collapsed}} to show this template in its collapsed (i.e. hidden) state.
Use {{Regions of the United States |expanded}} to show this template in its expanded (i.e. fully visible) state.
Use {{Regions of the United States |autocollapse}} to show this template in its collapsed state only if there is another template of the same type on the page.
  • Unless set otherwise (see the state parameter within the template's code), the template's default state is "autocollapse".

Inclusion criteria[edit]

For a region to be included on this template, a region must have one of the below:

  • have at least two entire states, and portions of at least two others e.g., New England is only 71,998 sq mi (186,470 km2) but has 6 states
  • have an area greater than the smallest listed area under criterion 1,
  • be part of a listed geographical taxonomy e.g., Region II (OMB & FEMA) has NY-NJ-PR-VI with areas: 54,555+8,729+3,515+134 = 66933 < 71,998

Please see: Wikipedia:WikiProject U.S. regions for more information.