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This template is used to request a discussion be closed by an uninvolved editor or administrator. Adding the template to a page will place it in Category:Requests for Close. If a request has gone unanswered or is particularly urgent, please consider making a request at Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard.


This template should be placed below the discussion the request to close is for.


Default parameters: {{Request close|reviewed=no|object=no|adminonly=no}}

To mark request as Admin only, set: {{Request close|adminonly=yes}} The "Experienced Editor" language will be removed from the template. Note that there are few discussions that cannot be closed by a non-admin.

To object to the request, set: {{Request close|object=yes}} The template will change to include a notice that an objection has been made.

To mark the request as reviewed, set: {{Request close|reviewed=yes}} The template will switch to a miniature version and remove the page from the category.