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State laws regarding same-sex marriage and similar unions in the United States1
  Same-sex marriage legal2
  Domestic partnerships or civil unions granting some or all state privileges of marriage
  Same-sex marriage pending legalization, but not yet in effect3
  No prohibition or recognition of same-sex marriage or unions in territory law
  Judicial ruling(s) overturning the same-sex marriage ban stayed pending appeal4
  Judicial ruling(s) overturning the ban on recognizing out-of-state same-sex marriages stayed pending appeal
  Same-sex marriage banned4

1 The federal government recognizes legally performed same-sex marriages, regardless of the current state of residence; but not other same-sex unions. Native American tribal jurisdictions have laws pertaining to same-sex marriage independent of state law.
2 Some states in this category also allow other same-sex unions.
3 Rulings striking down Indiana's and Wisconsin's same-sex marriage bans have been upheld.
4 Many states in these categories either ban unions similar to marriage or have judicial rulings against bans on unions similar to marriage.


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