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Template Example output Use
{{strong}} strong semantic emphasis To indicate <strong> emphasis instead of (or as well as) simple typographical boldfacing.
{{strongbad}} "Never use..." Same as {{strong}} but in red.
{{stronggood}} "Only use..." Same as {{strong}} but in green.
{{em}} mild semantic emphasis As per {{strong}} but for the milder <em> emphasis (instead of / as well as typographical italicization).
{{var}} strPrefix To indicate text is a variable name. Use for any variables except those whose names include "I" (uppercase i) and/or "l" (lowercase L), where {{varserif}} below should be used instead to ensure a distinction between these letters is noticeable.
{{varserif}} strIllustratePrefix (see {{var}} above).
{{wikivar}} {{PAGENAME}}  {{DEFAULTSORT:Y, X}} To display wikicode variables and magic words as they would appear in code.
{{para}} |title=  |year=2008 To display template parameters with or without values.
{{param}} {{{title}}}  {{{title|alt}}}  etc. To display parameters as used in code (i.e. with triple braces), especially to indicate relationships between them. May be combined with {{para}} above.
{{tlx}} etc. {{Template|first parameter|...}} To display a template call (with or without parameters and values) as code.
{{tag}} "With HTML <img>...</img> tags..." To render HTML elements ("tags") as prose.
{{code}} "Always include the alt= parameter..." To indicate text is source code. To nest other templates within {{code}}, use <code>...</code>.
{{subst:CoNo}} <code><nowiki>your code</nowiki></code> To wrap example code in <code> and nested <nowiki> tags.
{{syntaxhighlight}} (or {{sxhl}})  Wrapper for <syntaxhighlight>...</syntaxhighlight>, but will wrap overflowing text.
{{deprecated code}} "Do not use <blink>." (or {{dc}})  To indicate deprecated source code in template documentation, articles on HTML specs, etc. The {{dc2}} variant uses strike-through: <blink>, and {{dc|red=y}} uses red: <blink>.
{{pre}} For larger blocks of source code and other pre-formatted text.
{{bq}} For indented blocks of content, such as block quotations, examples, poems, etc.
{{kbd}} user input To indicate user input.
{{key press}} CtrlX To indicate specific-keystroke input.
{{pskeypress}} × To indicate PlayStation-style gamepad key presses.
{{samp}} example output To indicate sample or example output.
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This documentation sub-template is for transclusion in the "See also" sections of the main templates of Category:Semantic markup templates. There are no parameters:

=== See also ===
{{Semantic templates see also}}

The section can provide more information, preferably in the same format with intro, such as:

=== See also ===
; Related templates: 
{{Semantic templates see also}}

; Useful pages:
* [[Wikipedia:Accessibility]]
* [[Semantic HTML]]

See also[edit]