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This template is an aid to communication between online editors. Sometimes, a whole new section is created in a "User talk:" page just to thank for something, leave a talkback, or make a small comment or request, like something you might send someone in a text message. This has a tendency to rapidly lengthen talk pages with trivial clutter, requiring the user to create more and more archives for storage of the previous messages that no one in the future will care to review, just to maintain a compact talk page. But with this tool, editors don't need to flood user talk pages with small comments, because they can place them on the shoutbox, where they'll be erased within a short time after reading. The tool can be especially helpful in collaboration between users who are presently online, almost like an instant messaging tool.


This is a WP:Shoutbox template for user talk pages. It creates an IM-like shoutbox at the top of the page that other editors can use to leave you short messages (talkbacks, thanks notes, "please see the new version I just saved", etc.) that can simply be deleted when done with instead of sitting around for a long time and requiring time-wasting archival.

This particular shoutbox template is designed to work seamlessly with other user talk page elements such as {{Archivebox}} and {{tmbox|small=yes}} (in fact, it is based on the latter).

Comments in the shoutbox are intended to be responded to (when necessary) in the other editor's own shoutbox instead of replied to in your own. Thus it is most useful for both users to have a shoutbox. But if the posting user doesn't, you could leave a quick {{wb}} response on their page if a reply is needed.


The Template:Shoutbox sidebar/usertalk component must be installed on your "User talk:" not your "User:" page, or your shoutbox will serve no purpose, since no one will find it and even if they did, you would not be notified of any changes by the orange "You have a new message on your talk page" bar at the top of the screen.

It will not work in a /subpage transcluded into your user talk page; sorry.

It must be subst'ed, or it will not function at all.

At the top of your talk page (it doesn't have to be the very top item, but should be above all discussion threads, or no one will be able to find it), add the following:
{{subst:Shoutbox sidebar/usertalk}}

This will install the code required to make the shoutbox work. Don't add {{Shoutbox sidebar}} itself to your page.

Again, this template must be substituted or it will not function.

That's it!

See also[edit]

  • {{Shoutbox sidebar/usertalk}} – the "User talk:" page component of {{shoutbox sidebar}}.
  • {{Shoutbox}} – the original (while innovative, it does not work well on complex talk pages)
  • {{Talkback}} – the original, large "you have new messages" notice to put on other users' talk pages
  • {{subst:mytalk}} – invokes the talkback template and automatically fills in your username
  • {{Talkbacktiny}} – a somewhat smaller version of {{talkback}}
  • {{Interwiki talkback}} – a "you have new messages" notice to put on other users' talk pages for interwiki purposes
  • {{Whisperback}} – a less obtrusive template, with more features (topic, etc.)
  • {{Response}} – another less obtrusive template
  • {{Please see}} – similar to {{whisperback}}, but notifying others of a topic they may wish to participate in
  • {{Reply to}} or {{tiny ping}} – ping a user without posting on their talk page (uses the mention notification)
  • {{You've got mail}} – like {{talkback}} but to notify of an offsite e-mail
  • {{Shoutbox sidebar}} – an IM-like comment box that helps avoid flooding talk pages with one-liner comments.
  • {{Usertalkback}}, {{Userwhisperback}} and many variants – a notice for the top of one's own user talk page asking others to use or not use a talkback template when communicating with you
  • {{no talkback}} – opt-out of talkback messages from Twinkle.