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  • The primary purpose of this template is providing a navigation to some of the higher quality lists in the Category:Soviet dissidents. It may be added into any list of Soviet dissidents and it should be added into all the lists it provides a link to. A number of general articles may contain this template.
  • If this template inclusion onto a page leads to collapse of a more important template there, use the collapsible options on both templates to fix the situation.

How to manage this template's visibility

  • Use {{Soviet dissidents |state=collapsed}} to show this template in its collapsed (i.e. hidden) state.
Use {{Soviet dissidents |state=expanded}} to show this template in its expanded (i.e. fully visible) state.
Use {{Soviet dissidents |state=autocollapse}} to show this template in its collapsed state only if there is another template of the same type on the page.
  • Unless set otherwise (see the state parameter within the template's code), the template's default state is "autocollapse".