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{{Subcat guideline|<guideline category>|<category sort key>|<shortcut>|<shortcut>|...}}

New or greatly modified guidelines require approval

If you're writing a new guideline or substantially revising one, please remember to give the community significant time to consider your proposal. See WP:PROPOSAL for the current best practices on requesting comments on a proposal from as wide a part of the community as possible.

For more suggestions and background on how to go from a proposal to a Wikipedia style guideline, see Category:Wikipedia proposals and Wikipedia:How to contribute to Wikipedia guidance.

Template parameters

  1. For <guideline category>, use one of the following:
    • behavioral guideline
    • content guideline
    • deletion guideline
    • editing guideline
    • naming convention
    • notability guideline
    • style guideline
  2. For <category sort key>, such as notability or naming conventions guidelines, use what is in the parenthetical disambiguator. For example:
  3. For the optional <shortcut>, use an established shortcut. For example: WP:SHORT
  4. For the next optional <shortcut>, use another established shortcut. You can use up to five shortcuts in total, each as a separate parameter.

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