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Suez Canal map
Mediterranean Sea
Approaches(S1↓, S2↓ convoys waiting area)
Port Said
fishing harbour, lighthouse, cruise terminal
Port Said (city), former headquarters
Port Said harbour, Port Fuad (city),
East Port, SCCT container terminal
E-class turning dock, local connection channel
Shohada 25 January Bridge
Ballah by-pass(S2↓ convoy waiting area)
El Ferdan Railway Bridge
Ismaïlia, SCA headquarters
Lake Timsah
Great Bitter Lake
(S1↓ convoy waiting area)
Small Bitter Lake
Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel
overhead powerline
Suez, Suez Port
Petroleum Dock, Port Tewfik
Gulf of Suez(N↑ convoy waiting area)
Red Sea

Navigable canal
swing bridge
Dock, industrial or logistical area
Village or town, feature