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A clickable Euler diagram showing the relationships between various multinational European organisations and agreements.vde

How to include this template[edit]

To include this template with the default parameters, simply write {{Supranational European Bodies}}. See Help:Template#Parameters for help with changing the default parameters of the template, such as size etc. (see below), if needed.


This template has three parameters; size, align and caption. The default values are 800px, align left and the caption is what you see under the image on this page.

Note for editors[edit]

This is a template which contains an Image map. This means that if you edit this section then it will appear in all the articles with this template. The good news is that good changes will be seen a large number of times. The bad news is that you can wreck other articles. Do go and look at other articles to check your change has not caused grief—if in doubt then discuss your proposed changes first on the talk pages.

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