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COLLECTIE TROPENMUSEUM Balinese dansers dansen de kètjak TMnr 10004676.jpg

There are many backup dancers accompanying the dances of the main dancer.

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This template formats a selected TAFI picture and caption, as defined in the subpages of Wikipedia:Today's articles for improvement/{{CURRENTYEAR}}/{{CURRENTWEEK}}. It is currently week 10 of 2015 (purge).

This week's picture is defined in Wikipedia:Today's articles for improvement/2015/10/picture, and the associated caption is defined in Wikipedia:Today's articles for improvement/2015/10/picture/caption (add one week for next week's picture and caption). The picture should be specified as File:somepicture.jpg and the caption should be ordinary text, with a wikilink to the relevant TAFI article.

To specify a particular past or future week (if it exists), use the parameter |week=YYYY/W, where YYYY is the year, and W is the week number. To specify the current week, without the template auto-updating next week, use |week={{subst:CURRENTYEAR}}/{{subst:CURRENTWEEK}}

The default width is 230px. To use a custom width, create a [[Wikipedia:Today's articles for improvement/YYYY/W/picture/size]] subpage for the relevant week, specify a number (just a number, no "px"), and save the page.

If the page specifying the picture for the week does not exist, nothing will be displayed – except for Wikipedia:Today's articles for improvement/Schedule and Wikipedia:Today's articles for improvement/Schedule/real only, where a box with redlinks to the picture and caption locations will be displayed instead.


All optional.

Use to set a size for the picture that differs from the standards mentioned above (the default 230px or as given by [[Wikipedia:Today's articles for improvement/ ... /picture/size]]) when the template is used e.g. within a {{Sidebar}}. The "px" suffix is required (e.g. "228px").
Set positively to remove the box's border and shadowing.
Set positively to prevent the box floating on the right (e.g. within a Sidebar). The border and shadowing is also omitted (i.e. nofloat entails noborder).
Use to set the caption's line-height.