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[[{{{1}}} {{{2}}}|{{{1}}} {{{2}}}]]
2013 champion   {{{defchamp}}}
Champion   {{{champ}}}
Runner-up   {{{runner}}}
Final score   {{{score}}}
Singles   men   women
Doubles   men   women
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This template is for competitions with both men's and women's events, e.g. for Indian Wells, Miami, Rome, Canada and Cincinnati. For men's only or women's only competitions, e.g. for Monte Carlo, Shanghai, Stockholm/Essen/Stuttgart/Madrid and Paris, please use Template:TennisEvents2 instead. For Grand Slams, please use Template:GrandSlamEvents. For the Regions Morgan Keegan Championships and the Cellular South Cup, please use Template:TennisEvents3.

 | defchamp = 
 | champ  = 
 | runner = 
 | score  = 


  • When noting doubles events, after the "|" after "tournament", put: "s|" (that is not the letter l, but the character | found by pushing shift and slash) to add an s to runner-up and champion fields.
  • After the {{TennisEvents|(not the letter l), enter the year of the tournament. The | (not the letter l) after that, enter the tournament name. After that | (not the letter l) is when the s should be entered, need be. Regardless, add a | (not the letter l) after the s or the tournament field when an s isn't used. Do not put these fields in [[]]. When entering the US Open, check to see whether the US has periods after the U and S or not, and enter it the way that it appears.
  • The defending champ field is where you enter {{flagicon| and the three-letter code or the name of the country where the previous year's champion or champions is/are from and then enter }} and a space, ', the player's name and then '. If it is a team, enter <br> and do the same as this bullet for the other player's name.
  • Do the same as defending champ for champ and runner except the country of the runner up and the name of the runner up instead of that of the champion's.
  • For score, enter the score that the champion beat the runner-up.