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Information.svgThank you for your efforts to fight vandalism. Your attempts to restore the page to a good version have not been fully successful, however. Please be sure to revert vandalism in future edits. Not reverting runs the risk of missing part of the vandalism or not restoring text the vandal may have damaged or removed. This results in the vandal succeeding in damaging Wikipedia, which may encourage them to continue. Also, please be sure that you revert to a clean (vandal-free) version. Looking at recent diffs in the page history is useful here. Thanks and please continue helping to keep Wikipedia vandalism-free! ~~~~

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Usage information:
1= after this text, give the URL of the improper revert diff.
2= after this text, give the URL of the correct revision of the page

article= after this text, specify the name of the article where the improper revert was made
  • Note that all the above fields are optional; the template works fine without them. However, it is strongly suggested that you include them, so that the warned user knows what you were talking about.
  • This template absolutely must be substed!