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This template is to help facilitate the displaying of variable names (in mathematics, computer source code, wikimarkup, etc.) with the semantically correct <var>...</var> tags, which also renders the variable in italics, as is customary. This method is preferred to simply italicizing for many reasons, including accessibility, separation of presentation and content, semantic Web, and metadata; In XHTML and HTML, the <var> element has semantic meaning, while simple italicization does not. "Variable" in this sense may include arbitrary or unknown names or terms, example human input, arithmetical variables in equations, etc. This template (and the underlying XHTML) are generally not used if MediaWiki's <math>...</math> tags (or any other stand-alone mathematical markup) are being used.


outputs the following HTML:


which renders as:


Note that on the screen or in print, this renders as simple italicization, as does ''username'' (using pairs of apostrophes) or <i>username</i> (using HTML), yet it carries more semantic meaning than either of these methods.

At times, you may wish to use a serif font. This is especially true when attempting to render single-letter variables like "I" (upper-case "i") and "l" (lower-case "L"), since they are nearly indistinguishable (if at all). In such situations, use the {{varserif}} template instead of {{var}}, to make them more distinguishable, like these serif examples: I, l.

More examples
Markup Renders as
The HTML code:
renders as: 
The HTML code:

renders as:

The commandline should read: {{samp|%}} {{kbd|1=ssh {{var|hostname}}}}<br />(where {{var|hostname}} is the IP address or ...)<br />If it is correct, press {{key press|Enter}}.
The commandline should read: % ssh hostname
(where hostname is the IP address or ...)
If it is correct, press Enter.
in this equation, let {{var|x}}{{=}}1 and {{var|y}}{{=}}120 ...
in this equation, let x=1 and y=120 ...

See also[edit]

Template Example output Use
{{strong}} strong semantic emphasis To indicate <strong> emphasis instead of (or as well as) simple typographical boldfacing.
{{strongbad}} "Never use..." Same as {{strong}} but in red.
{{stronggood}} "Only use..." Same as {{strong}} but in green.
{{em}} mild semantic emphasis As per {{strong}} but for the milder <em> emphasis (instead of / as well as typographical italicization).
{{var}} strIllustratePrefix To indicate text is a variable name. Use for any variables except those whose names include "I" (uppercase i) and/or "l" (lowercase L), where {{varserif}} below should be used instead to ensure a distinction between these letters is noticeable.
{{varserif}} strIllustratePrefix (see {{var}} above).
{{wikivar}} {{PAGENAME}}  {{DEFAULTSORT:Y, X}} To display wikicode variables and magic words as they would appear in code.
{{para}} |title=  |year=2008 To display template parameters with or without values.
{{param}} {{{title}}}  {{{title|alt}}}  etc. To display parameters as used in code (i.e. with triple braces), especially to indicate relationships between them. May be combined with {{para}} above.
{{tlx}} etc. {{Template|first parameter|...}} To display a template call (with or without parameters and values) as code.
{{tag}} "With HTML <img>...</img> tags..." To render HTML elements ("tags") as prose.
{{code}} "Always include the alt= parameter..." To indicate text is source code. To nest other templates within {{code}}, use <code>...</code>.
{{syntaxhighlight}} (or {{sxhl}})  Wrapper for <syntaxhighlight>...</syntaxhighlight>, but will wrap overflowing text.
{{deprecated code}} "Do not use <blink>...</blink>..." (or {{dc2}})  To indicate deprecated source code in template documentation, articles on HTML specs, etc.
{{pre}} For larger blocks of source code and other pre-formatted text.
{{bq}} For indented blocks of content, such as block quotations, examples, poems, etc.
{{kbd}} user input To indicate user input.
{{key press}} CtrlX To indicate specific keystroke/s input.
{{pskeypress}} × To indicate PlayStation-style gamepad key presses.
{{samp}} example output To indicate sample or example output.