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This template will categorize tagged articles into Category:All articles lacking reliable references. Add this template only after a good faith attempt to verify the reliability of the source in question.

This template takes three optional parameters:

  • date: which should be set to the month and year when the article was tagged. Use: {{Verify credibility|date=September 2014}}
  • certain: which if set to "y" or "yes" will remove the question mark from the template's output, noting a degree of certainty that the source is unreliable; please use this with the reason parameter (below): {{Verify credibility|certain=y|reason=your WP:RS-based reason here.}}
  • reason: A note explaining why you think the source is unreliable. It is not displayed in the article, only in the source code. Keep it short (one sentence); longer material belongs on the talk page. It is good to reiterate the reason in your edit summary.

For whole sections or articles, use {{refimprove}}.

For sources which have failed verification (at least as to the material being cited), use {{failed verification}}.

Usage guidelines[edit]

This tag is intended to be used when a statement is sourced, but it is questionable whether the source used is reliable for supporting the statement.

This tag should not be used on contentious statements about living persons; if the source is not credible and reliable, the statement should be removed immediately.

The template should be placed outside the reference (<ref> ... </ref>), within the article's text:

Potentially controversial statement.<ref>some alleged source for this</ref>{{Verify credibility|date=September 2014}} Next sentence.

Shortcuts and aliases[edit]

  1. {{rs}}
  2. {{rs?}}
  3. {{vc}}
  4. {{unreliable source}}
  5. {{unreliable source?}}
  6. {{verify credibility?}}
  7. {{reliable source}}

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