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Opening a single subsection[edit]

Add "|[name]" to show (uncollapse) any of the subsections, by default.

Abbreviated section names are: building, civility, notability, humour

  • {{Wikipedia essays|building}}
  • {{Wikipedia essays|civility}}
  • {{Wikipedia essays|notability}}
  • {{Wikipedia essays|humour}}

For example, {{Wikipedia essays|notability}} will produce:

Opening multiple subsections[edit]

To show multiple, or all of, the subsections at once, use staten, eg:

  • {{Wikipedia essays|state1=uncollapsed|state2=uncollapsed|state3=uncollapsed|state4=uncollapsed|state5=uncollapsed}}


This template combines the content of the 4 separate templates into one location, for easier watchlisting / updating / organizing / non-duplication / discovery:

If you update this navbox with an essay, please also add it to the appropriate navbox above, to try to keep sync between them.

It was initially suggested and developed at Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Essays#Navbox separation or cohesion.