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This template makes a link in a box to a Wiktionary page. Wiktionary entries include definitions, etymology, and pronunciation, as well as synonyms, antonyms, and related terms. See also Wikipedia:Wikipedia is not a dictionary.



If no parameter is supplied, the current page name will be the target, but the first letter is turned to lower case. Check whether it is correct.

You can also use:

{{Wiktionary|1st|2nd|...|5th}} (one up to five parameters, see Template Data below)

Linking to a search page

For internal link to Wiktionary search on a specific word, this code may be used:

[[wikt:Special:Search/search word|text to show]]


The template may be placed anywhere, such as the External links section, the beginning of the article or in the article's etymology section if one exists.

See Wikipedia:Wikimedia sister projects for some recommendations about the best choice of template for various situations.

Template data

Creates a small box with links to entries in Wiktionary.

Template parameters
Parameter Description Type Default Auto value Status
First word 1 The first word to link to, case sensitive. If not specified it links to the pagename with the first letter changed to lower case. string empty empty required
Second word 2 Second word to link to. string empty empty optional
Third word 3 Third word to link to. string empty empty optional
Fourth word 4 Fourth word to link to. string empty empty optional
Fifth word 5 Fifth word to link to. string empty empty optional

See also

Wiktionary link templates
Template Alias Explanation
{{Wiktionary}} {{wt}} Makes a box.
{{Wiktionary pipe}} {{wtp}} Ditto. Allows a piped link.
{{See Wiktionary}} A disambiguation hatnote type. Useful if the article title is a generic name, but the content differs from it. For example, Tryout is an article about a journal, and this template is used to link to "tryout" page in Wiktionary.
{{Wiktionary-inline}} {{wti}} Can be used in the "External links" section, by making a one-line navigator. Not inline in the usual sense.
{{Wiktionary redirect}} {{wtr}} Makes a soft redirect.
{{Wiktionary category 2}} {{wtc}} Similar to {{wt}}, but links to a category in Wiktionary.
{{Wiktionary category}} Ditto, more verbose type.
{{Linktext}} Turns each of consecutive words into an Wiktionary link, or any other interwiki / interlang link. Example: {{linktext|táłtłʼááh| adijiłii}}  →  táłtłʼááh adijiłii

Wiktionary related userboxes:

Moving a non-encyclopedic entry to Wiktionary:


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