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Full list of US daytimers[edit]

I just made a Perl script that creates group2/group3 in this template using the FCC AM Query data. Good news is, I can now update the template any time. Bad news is, there are actually 627 daytime-only AM stations in the U.S. right now, far more than are currently in the template. Am I missing something about what criteria was used for a "daytimer" in this template? (My criteria was: domestic class D stations with no "Nighttime" or "Unlimited" in the hours-of-operation column. "Critical Hours" still qualified as daytimer. KKOB (AM) is the only class D with an unlimited-daypart pattern currently.) I'm going to put a temporary version at Template:Daytime_Only_Radio/Temp so people can see what the new template will look like. If nobody has any objections, I'll put this template in place in the next couple days. --Closeapple (talk) 11:36, 1 February 2010 (UTC)

2 strange stations: WPBS (AM) Conyers, Georgia, is a freak entry: it has a "Nighttime" record in the FCC database, but for 0 kW and no antenna position. Also, WLBB Carrollton, Georgia, has normal daytime and nighttime records, but a freak "Critical Hours" record with 0 kW and no antenna position. --Closeapple (talk) 12:26, 1 February 2010 (UTC)

I've made the change. I found the following callsigns that were in the template before but aren't in the 627 now listed:

  • 850 KFUO (AM) Clayton MO — class B daytimer
  • 850 KJON Carrollton TX — class B daytimer
  • 1090 KNUZ Bellville TX — now KULF; KNUZ calls now on 106.1 San Saba TX (former KBAL-FM)
  • 1410 KTCS (AM) Fort Smith AR — now 130 watts nighttime
  • 1440 WCDL Carbondale PA — now 37 watts nighttime
  • 1300 WCKI Greer SC (#60503) — 94 watts nighttime from 2009-06-01; FCC file BML-200905141ADA says "From commercial to non-commercial", whatever that means for an AM station
  • 1510 WDRF Woodruff SC (#29658) — now WQUL; also has translator 95.9 W240BO Woodruff SC (#156218)
  • 770 WEW St. Louis MO (#1088) — construction permit for 200 watts nighttime
  • 1090 WFCV Fort Wayne IN (#6489) — class B daytimer
  • 1110 WJSM Martinsburg PA (#40504) — now WWBJ
  • 840 WPGS Mims FL (#73876) — now WGRU
  • 1140 WRMQ Orlando FL (#21759) — 8 watts nighttime from 2008-11-10 (BL-20080915AFV)
  • 1190 WSDE Cobleskill NY (#4002) — 20 watts nighttime from 2008-12-04 (BL-20081023ACA)
  • 1480 WTLO Somerset KY (#14726) — 27 watts nighttime from 2009-02-24 (BP-20090203AEP)
  • 1330 WWAB Lakeland FL (#54837) — has 120 watts nighttime, but can't find when changed; something funny about this station's applications: had post-sunset critical hours authority for 95 watts on 2007-02-28, and application #312537 seems to have no file number
  • 1360 WWWJ Galax VA (#68600) — has 31 watts nighttime, but can't find when changed; has a pending application for an auction to move to 720 kHz at Portsmouth VA
  • For me to do on a rerun:
  • Article cleanups needed:

--Closeapple (talk) 11:12, 14 February 2010 (UTC)


For the 13 April 2010 list, the following callsigns dropped off the list:

  • Gone: 1070 KRAM West Klamath OR (#71966) found on 2010-02-24 to have expired as a matter of law (DA 10-308, 1800B3-MM, rejecting BLSTA-20070815ABF) after being silent since 2006
  • Gone: 1600 KTAP Santa Maria CA (#6142) seems to have somehow magically gotten 26 watts nighttime on its license, but I don't any related applications
  • Moved: 700 WEEL Dothan AL (#23614) became WCNF on 2010-03-02
  • Moved: 780 WHUB Cookeville TN (#13820) became WPTN (again) on 2010-03-17
  • Moved: 1190 WLLI Humbolt TN (#6582) became WHUN (AM) on 2010-02-08, and apparently wasn't reflected in the 2010-02-14 AMQ
  • Gone: 880 WMDB Nashville TN (#3540) licensed for 2 watts (really) nighttime on 2010-03-17 (BL-20100210AHP)
  • Gone: 1500 WPJX Zion IL (#49293) licensed for 2 watts (really) nighttime on 2010-03-22 (BL-20091230ACS)

Current U.S. count is now 627. --Closeapple (talk) 07:10, 14 April 2010 (UTC)


Station changes:

  • 1140 WJNZ Kentwood MI (#41667) became WVHF (AM) on 2010-04-13.
  • 1560 WTOD Toledo OH (#22672) sold and became WWYC on 2010-04-23. WWYC has construction permits pending for nighttime. Station seller Cumulus Media moved "heritage" WTOD callsign to 1450 WHSC Hartsville SC (not a daytimer), probably to "park" it for later Toledo use, as 1560 had been WTOD since 1946. (Cue attendant re-wikilinking pain.)

Those were the only two changes since the last. --Closeapple (talk) 23:59, 1 May 2010 (UTC)


I've gotten my script to split each callsign onto a new line without messing up the formatting. (Reminder for everyone that works on broadcast templates: You need {{nowrap begin}} and {{nowrap end}} around anything you use the {{-w}} style templates in. I'd forgotten because a lot of broadcasting templates don't do it like they're supposed to. Oops!) Now that each is on a separate line, hopefully Wikipedia diffs will be able to show what individual callsign is edited, rather than giving up and showing the whole line as replaced every time there's an edit.

Station changes (not counting edits already made by other people):

  • 1280 KSOK Arkansas City KS (#14238) now licensed for 10 watts nighttime; uncertain which application caused this
  • 1000 WNSI Robertsdale AL (#50377) sold by bankruptcy trustee to a new owner and became WBZR (AM) 2010-05-04

Now 626 daytimers in the USA. --Closeapple (talk) 06:34, 18 May 2010 (UTC)


Station changes since last update:

  • 830 KOTC Kennett, Missouri (#33672) has a construction permit for Memphis, Tennessee; I think my script is choosing whichever happens to appear last in the database dump. (Before this week, the script just wasn't fed CPs entries at all.)
  • 1000 WIOO Carlisle, Pennsylvania (#72985) has a construction permit for 1010 kHz with 60 watts night. Guess I'm going to need to modify my script to handle weird corner cases like this and somehow give priority to current license over construction permits.
  • 1180 WPLX Turrell, Arkansas (#52906) now 3500 watts critical hours and 30 watts night as part of move from Germantown, Tennessee per BMP-20070703ABC. Has, since 2000, had special temporary authority to remain silent repeatedly (continuously?), been transferred from Pollack Steel Supply to Educational Media Foundation (BAL-20000901AIO) then to Pollack Broadcasting on 2009-10-21 (BAL-20080725AAM), and ran on emergency facilities for a while (20080929AWC). No idea.
  • 1520 KSQB (AM) Sioux Falls, South Dakota (#48026) became KZOY on 2010-05-17; it was sold to a guy who named his company "Cup O'Dirt".
  • 1560 WWYC Toledo, Ohio (#22672, former WTOD) now 92 watts critical hours and a blazing 3 watts night; Cumulus Media also swapped WWYC for Calvary Chapel of Twin Falls station W265CB in April 2010, but the new license terms seem to have issued to Cumulus' name.
  • 1590 KEAS (AM) Carlsbad, Texas (#70621, KERC before 1983) deleted 2010-05-20: was silent due to equipment failure on 2009-08-18; was sold on 2010-01-15; "License cancelled per app's request on 5-13-2010. (no letter sent)". Former 97.7 KEAS-FM (now KATX since 2000) remains.

--Closeapple (talk) 08:18, 29 May 2010 (UTC)


All removals from the list for 2010-06-27 are for having nighttime licenses, but the FCC records don't seem to point out specific applications for any of them but WCPT (AM) (a directional):

  • 1360 KBYO (AM) Tallulah, Lousiana somehow got 131W night
  • 1540 KDYN (AM) Ozark, Arkansas somehow got a blazing 1 watt(!) at night
  • 900 KFLP (AM) Floydada, Texas somehow got 7 watts night
  • 820 WCPT (AM) Willow Springs, Illinois got 1500W directional at night on 2010-06-18 (BMML-20100416ACB)
  • 1580 WDAB Travelers Rest, South Carolina somehow got 1000W critical hours and 10W night
  • 1570 WNKX (AM) Centerville, Tennessee (#27139) somehow got 77W despite being silent, and also has applied to move to Lobelville, Tennessee after being bought by Grace Broadcasting Services
  • 580 WYHM Rockwood, Tennessee (#51114, former WOFE) somehow got 49W night

--Closeapple (talk) 04:06, 28 June 2010 (UTC)


Changes for the beginning of October:

As of tonight, 606 daytimers in the U.S. total, 17 with nighttime construction permits. --Closeapple (talk) 05:04, 3 October 2010 (UTC)


My script now forces KABR (AM) to 1500, so I don't have to change it manually. --Closeapple (talk) 03:14, 7 November 2010 (UTC)


Unusual trick in November — actually (re-)added a station:

No other changes, so now at 605 U.S. and 1 Canadian daytimer, 16 of which have construction permits for nighttime. --Closeapple (talk) 20:33, 4 December 2010 (UTC)


  • 1500 KABR Alamo Community, New Mexico (#65389) becomes KMYN on 2010-12-14 with new owner; still has CP to move to 1510 Isleta, New Mexico. (Old licensee got fined for keeping the station on the air after its authorization ran out.)
  • 1190 WBIS (AM) Annapolis, Maryland (#2297) becomes WCRW on 2011-01-28. No idea why they bothered, since it's silent and is about to surrender its license to allow partial-sister station 1200 WAGE Leesburg, Virginia to move to 1190 and increase power from 5kW to 50kW.
  • 1070 WIWS Beckley, West Virginia (#61276) becomes WBKW on 2011-01-31
  • 1560 WCMA (defunct) Daleville, Alabama (#48759) expired 2010-07-15 and marked deleted from the database 2011-01-06 after being silent since 2009. FCC letter from Nov 09, 2010 here. This was a 50kW daytime-only that was allegedly silent to set up new all-hours service.
  • 1530 WENG Englewood, Florida (#47073) gets a blazing 1 watt nighttime on 2011-01-04; it also has an FM translator, 107.5 W298AV Englewood (#140474)
  • 1180 WMYT (AM) Carolina Beach, North Carolina (#25586) becomes WUIN (swapping callsigns with 106.7 Carolina Beach) on 2011-01-01, becomes WSFM (swapping callsigns with 98.3 Oak Island, North Carolina) on 2011-01-11.
  • 1540 WRTK Niles, Ohio (#73308) becomes WYCL on 2010-12-16.

Now 603 daytime-only licenses in the USA, 14 of which have night construction permits attached. --Closeapple (talk) 01:18, 7 February 2011 (UTC)


  • 107.3 WREF Ridgefield CT (#66327) changed callsign to WAXB 2011-02-07
  • 1190 WCRW Annapolis MD (#2297) deleted, probably as part of arranged agreement for 1200 WAGE Leesburg VA (#54876) to move to 1190. WCRW was WBIS before it went silent; probably never broadcast with the WCRW callsign.
  • 850 WCUG Cuthbert GA (#46952) deleted: shut down 2010-11-10, per 2011-01-25 letter from owner to FCC; deleted
  • 1480 WGCK (AM) Neon KY (#37154) changed callsign to WIZD 2011-02-08; 99.7 WGCK-FM Coeburn, VA remains
  • 1290 WRRA Frederiksted, Virgin Islands (#55468) deleted: licensed surrendered by letter 2011-02-04

Now 600 US daytimers, 14 with night construction permit. --Closeapple (talk) 01:57, 6 March 2011 (UTC)


--Closeapple (talk) 10:30, 5 April 2011 (UTC)


I hadn't gotten around to running my script for a few months. Oops! The only changes I'm listing here are the ones from this edit; the stations that other users already caught in 2011 aren't listed.

Callsign changes
  • 1190 KMFX (AM) Wabasha MN (#54624) changed to WBHA on 2011-06-15
  • 1600 WTSZ Eminence KY (#64024) changed to WLUE (AM) on 2012-01-19
  • 710 KAPZ Bald Knob AR (#31713) deleted 2011-07-28
  • 1510 KMYN Isleta NM (#65389) changed to KOAZ on 2011-12-27; moved from 1500 kHz to a new tower at 1510 kHz with nighttime service
  • 1270 KVCL (AM) Winnfield LA (#26232) deleted (between May and August 2011); 92.1 KVCL-FM remains with same city of license
  • 850 KXGM (AM) Waterloo IA (#37446) deleted 2011-07-28; 89.1 KXGM-FM remains with a different owner
  • 1260 WBBK (AM) Blakely GA (#41206) deleted (between May and August 2011); 93.1 WBBK-FM remains with same city of license
  • 1100 WGNZ Fairborn OH (#36075) now has 1.6 watts night (possibly BMP-20101001AAC)
  • 1410 WHBT Tallahass FL (#28162) now has 2 watts night
  • 1380 WMTD (AM) Hinton WV (#6013) now has 13 watts night
  • 1270 WQKR Portland TN (#6663) now has 59 watts night
  • 1530 WSTT Thomasville GA (#39735) now has 27 watts night
Then these oddities that have been returned
  • 1190 WCRW Leesburg VA (#54876) has ended up as a 50kW Class D! It has a 1.3kW night construction permit though, so this probably won't last long. (This is the station that was 1200 WAGE and moved when 1190 WBIS shut down — see #2011-02-06 above.)
  • 1520 WINW Canton, Ohio (#8549) restored by the FCC after some pleading by the Pinebrook Foundation
  • 830 WQZQ Goodlettsville TN (#72960) lost nighttime authority in 2011 when moving from 1550 kHz at Clarksville TN

Now 592 U.S. daytimers (and 1 Canadian), 12 of which have nighttime construction permits. --Closeapple (talk) 00:56, 5 February 2012 (UTC)


Ran it again. Ones not already caught:

  • 1370 WRWD (AM) Ellenville NY (#63528) changed to WJIP on 2012-03-09
  • 1560 WLYJ Centre AL (#54521) changed to WZTQ on 2012-02-23. Something funny about this one: 1560 has critical hours and nighttime records in the FCC database, but for no power with no antenna coordinates. The current authorization doesn't actually appear to show any night hours; the station changed to a noncommercial license, however. After this station became WZTQ, 88.5 WAUT Tullahoma TN (#84363) changed its callsign to WLYJ on 2012-03-01.
  • 1440 WNYG Medford NY (#5208) appears on the list: It appears to have been approved for unlimited-time construction permit in the past then dropped the nighttime part, then re-applied for it when starting to diplex with WLIM.

Now 592 daytimers (13 with night CP), plus the Canadian one. --Closeapple (talk) 03:49, 13 March 2012 (UTC)


I haven't run my script since March, and this is the first time since list templates have been switched over to "hlist" format. I removed the spaces from the front of the entries. There were about a dozen differences, but Mlaffs, Neutralhomer, and Wcquidditch already caught most of them, so I'll just mention the remainder:

  • 800 KDDD (AM) Dumas, Texas (#74312) is now 8 watts nighttime.

Something ugly happened with stations in Tennessee:

  • 1540 WBRY Woodbury, Tennessee (#15530) expired 2012-08-01 along with its translator 96.7 W244CJ Woodbury, Tennessee (#139937), but the licensee has filed for special temporary authority while the stations are renewed, so maybe it will return.
  • 1380 WHEW Franklin, Tennessee (#681) expired 2012-08-01; renewal filed, but no explanation and no STA.
  • 850 WPFD Fairview, Tennessee (#57044) expired 2012-08-01; renewal filed, but no explanation and no STA.

This will probably have to be updated again in the next month or so because of whatever happened there. With the 4 above gone, the U.S. daytimer count is now 585 total, 16 with nighttime construction permits pending. --Closeapple (talk) 05:50, 5 September 2012 (UTC)


Oops! Been a while. Many of these were already caught by Mlaffs (talk · contribs)):

Callsign changes
  • 670 KWXI Glenwood AR (#8148) changed to KHGZ on 2013-02-01.
  • 830 KUMI Memphis TN (#33672) changed to WUMY on 2013-01-18.
  • 1060 KOAI Van Buren AR (#37828) changed to KRUZ on 2012-11-15. (The station in California that was KRUZ became KRUZ-FM briefly, then KYGA.)
  • 1520 WGMA Spindale NC (#43713) changed to WVOH on 2012-10-16.
  • 1530 WJJG Elmhurst IL (#32227) changed to WCKG on 2012-09-19; the owner died in October 2011. (The last station that was WCKG was 105.9 nearby but has been WCFS-FM for a while now. Despite the "WCKG" calls, the Wikipedia article says that 1530 is carrying the "Q101" programming that hasn't had a broadcast station for itself since it left 101.1 WKQX.)
  • 1090 WGOD (AM) Charlotte Amalie VI (#66988) changed to WUVI (AM) on 2012-09-14. Sister station WGOD-FM remains; and there is a channel 20 WGOD-LD in West Lafayette IN.
  • 1040 WKTI Powell TN (#59693) changed to WWAM on 2012-12-03.
  • 1530 WYME North East PA (#26610) changed to WMCE (AM) on 2013-01-24.
Nighttime authority
  • 1090 KTGO Tioga ND (#67183) now has 6 watts night.
  • 1470 WJPI Plymouth NC (#52736) was deleted in late August 2012 (see letter attached to 20110720AED) after expiring on 2012-04-02 for failure to broadcast for 12 months; application to renew BR-20110829ABN dismissed.
  • 1550 WKJQ (AM) Parsons TN (#67457) deleted: surrendered license to the FCC on 2012-09-13. 97.3 WKJQ-FM remains.
  • 1560 WINV Beverly Hills FL (#34560) deleted; surrendered license to the FCC on 2012-09-12.
  • 980 WKOR (AM) Starkville MS (#10348) deleted per licensee's request on 2013-01-09. (See here for note and BR-20120131AHM for subsequent dismissal of renewal application "in light of cancellation of Station license at licensee's request.")
  • 850 WQST (AM) Forest MS (#1652) cancelled and deleted per licensee's request on 2013-01-10. (See here for note.) 92.5 WQST-FM still exists in the same city.
  • 1550 WSHN (AM) Fremont MI (#73993) deleted 2012-10-05 for failure to renew (see here for note). Callsign now used for construction permit for 89.7 at Munising MI.

Now 578 U.S. daytimers total, 14 with night construction permits. --Closeapple (talk) 12:08, 5 February 2013 (UTC)


  • 1100 WKZV Washington PA (#68687) shut down and surrendered license on 2013-05-16.
  • 750 WTHQ Brookport IL (#63816) changed to WRIK on 2013-03-27.
  • 1560 WZTQ Centre AL (#54521) changed to WLYG on 2013-05-16; has nighttime record in database, but for zero power.

577 total, 12 with nighttime construction permits. --Closeapple (talk) 11:09, 3 June 2013 (UTC)


  • 1260 WGVM Greenville, Mississippi (#41838) now has 32 watts night
  • 840 WHGH Thomasville, Georgia (#25773) restored: BR-20130208ABM "Petition for Reconsideration granted, license reinstated and STA reinstated and granted" on 2013-06-06
  • 1040 WWAM Powell, Tennessee (#59693) changed to WJBE (AM) on 2013-06-28; already caught by Mlaffs (talk · contribs)

Now 577 daytimers, 12 with night construction permits. --Closeapple (talk) 03:34, 18 August 2013 (UTC)

Asterisks and Mexican stations[edit]

My script now puts an asterisk next to daytimers that have construction permits for night hours. It can also parse Mexican stations in the FCC database, but I haven't used that output in the real template yet. Sample output:

70 full-power, 45 low-power, and whatever "Elsifon" notified to the U.S. on 1100 kHz is. I'd make the Mexican state abbreviations more like Template:Clear-channel AM if I merged them into the existing frequency list. Anyone have any opinions on whether this is useful or whether Mexican notifications in the FCC database are WP:RS? XERF-AM (a clear-channel station for decades) appears to be in the FCC database as 250kW daytime-only with a construction permit for 250kW night — in fact that nighttime CP is the only Mexican entry with a station status other than blank in the FCC database. Ever seen a 250,000 watt Class A daytimer? The Mexican radio regulator's 2009-12-31 chart shows it as 100kW day and night domestically. --Closeapple (talk) 08:18, 29 May 2010 (UTC)