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Sentence case[edit]

I find it difficult to keep up with the biota naming conventions although after years of a war of attrition perhaps one day there will be a consistent style. The problem I have is that unlike most biota specialists I frequently edit articles that mention a wide range of species types. I think all I have to go on now is the vague instruction: "Use a consistent style of capitalization in each article, including those covering two or more taxonomic groups." It doesn't say anything about not changing from one to the other without "consensus" - sometimes difficult to achieve anyway as the editors to pages ratio dwindles ever further. In short, there seems to be nothing preventing my reverting your edit or vice versa.

Accepting your comment that sentence case is "by far the wider convention" (i.e. that it is winning the above-mentioned war) I do however think that your interpretation of "sentence case" needs modification. To me it just looks absurd to have the first nine species begin with a capital and then the tenth (powan) suddenly be lower case. There is a logic to this but it seems to me much more consistent to treat the intermediate dot as punctuation that requires the next item to begin as per a new sentence. I will do this and wait for any further comment. Ben MacDui 10:35, 10 November 2013 (UTC)