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History constituences - district constituences in Great Britain, All (France and Italy),

Differences between constituency and member state[edit]

I've partially reverted a good-faith edit for the following reasons:

  • Poland isn't a single EP constituency, it's several, just like UK/Ireland/Italy/Belgium/France but not like Sweden, Spain, Portugal, et al.
  • Highlighting the new constituencies in 2004 would mean highlighting all the new constituencies - that's 3 in Ireland, all the French ones, all the Poland ones, and all the non-subdivided member-state constituencies.
  • It would also mean going back thru the 99-04, 94-99, 89-94, 84-89 and 79-84 templates adding similar hilites for all the constituencies new for 79 (all of them!), 84, 89, 94, and 99
  • In short, we'd end up adding hilites for over half the constituencies. Which is silly.

I think there is some confusion here over the difference between constituency and member state. Some of the member states form a single constituency for EP election purposes, and some are subdivided into smaller constituencies. The hilites added by the previous editor match the member states that came into the EU in 2004, but they do not match the constituencies that were new for the 2004 EP election.

Regards, Anameofmyveryown (talk) 01:24, 5 February 2008 (UTC)