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Prince and Lord[edit]

There is a difference between "Fürst" and "Prince" A "Fürst" can be one of the Great Lords of a big State, like Friedrich von Sachsen, then it would ba analog to the Prince of Wales or Scotland for example. But little "Fürstentümer" also existed where a Prince would be the sucessor. Any German Lord was called Fürst. But there still were the Kurfürsten who elected the King if no sucessor was found, and they were what in England would be called "Prince"(Although many books translate to "Elector"). Then again Prince and Fürst are both words meaning "First" (Prince from Latin, Fürst from Saxon words.) Maybe both should be included? I am at a loss. But in my career I always used Lord(Not that that counts). Fürst#Other_uses_in_German The Problem is adressed here also. German teacher92.227.116.192 (talk) 23:05, 28 November 2009 (UTC)