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Un-orphaned now[edit]

Hi to whatever admin is presiding over the s.d. process; I just un-orphaned it; it was created during a flurry of activity before my wikibreak and was meant to coordinate a series of historical geograhpic region articles, ones that are not covered (but include) those on {{Subdivisions of British Columbia}} (which is not just about regions but also cities). There are some internal tweaks needed in the templates because of hidden article names (e.g. Cariboo Country and Chilcotin Country are "Cariboo District" and "Chilcotin District" because of titling issues; but in the parlance of the set of geographic regions "Country" is the usual appelation, hence their use in the template for "semantic harmony". Anyway, please un-s.d. the page; it's no longer a red-headed stepchild...Skookum1 (talk) 19:27, 9 February 2008 (UTC)

re-inserting Slocan Country[edit]

aka Slocan Valley as with Bulkley Valley/Country etc. Put it back in as it seemed mistakenly removed despite being a redlink. BTW In usual parlance these are generally "the Slocan", "the Bulkley" etc (meaning the region, not the river). there's a subtle distsinction in usage between, say, Bulkley Country and Bulkley Valley; the latter tends to mean the collection of communities/people, i.e. the community of the Bulkley Valley, whereas the Bulkley Country has more of a regional, atmospheric sense; in some of these usages it's not simply the basin of the river that's named. Anyway, in building it before I'd tried for the "harmony" of trying to hold to the "Country" usage, although granted in some cases this is a bit antique like other BC'isms; and in some cases it's a question of the name of article; Chilcotin District for example isn't usually referred to that way, but the article got named that way because Chilcotin has to be a disambig page; should have created it Chilcotin Country I guess but it's too late now; in other cases like the Cariboo and Okanagan the Country ending was not needed as with the Chilcotin title ("Cariboo Country" is a bit more common now than "Okanagan Country", which is fading into disuse). Anyway, mostly this note is to say I'm stunned there's no Slocan page, even as a disambiguation; there should be Slocan Park, Slocan City, Slocan River, Slocan and Kootenay Railroad (and others), Silvery Slocan as a link could maybe go to Slocan silver rush maybe (also not written yet), although "the Silvery Slocan" refers to the valley/region in the same context as simply "the Slocan". In terms of the template, or rather as people refer to BC's regions, it's usually "the Slocan".Skookum1 (talk) 01:57, 10 February 2008 (UTC)