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|group2 = <small>Small<br/>bodies</small><sup>§</sup>
|list2 = {{Navbox subgroup
|list1=<small>[[List of non-periodic comets|hyperbolic and parabolic comets]] (many)</small>
|list2=<small>[[Pioneer 10]]{{·}} [[Pioneer 11]]{{·}} [[Voyager 1]]{{·}} [[Voyager 2]]{{·}} [[New Horizons]]{{·}} Star 48B</small>
|below=<small><sup>§</sup>Currently located within Solar System boundaries, but not gravitationally bound with it</small>

I excised the above because it is indiscriminate information that is better served in a separate listing. This is now clearly only stars. (talk) 04:49, 3 July 2010 (UTC)